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"StaggeringBack Rock Harford 4/17/09"

Looking for a fun way to spend your Thursday
evening? Do you want to check out some cool music from
a local band while supporting a great cause?
If so, round up your friends, family and co-workers
and head to Looney’s Pub North in Bel Air to hear
Staggering Back, one of Harford County’s most rockin’
On Thursday, April 23, Staggering Back, along with
other bands, will participate in the third annual fundraiser
to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
at Looney’s Pub.
The guys of Staggering Back — Korey Hershberger,
27, of Fallston, Danny McDermott, 42, of Jarrettsville,
Russ May, 28, of Bel Air, and Eric Butera, 27, also of Bel
Air — are no strangers to benefit concerts.
“Basically an old buddy [Michael Scott Lacey] passed
away from cancer. He passed away in 2003 and ever
since then, we’ve developed the idea to keep his memory
alive and raise money for research,” Butera, the band’s
lead singer who also plays the rhythm guitar, said. “It’s
starting to get bigger every year.”
The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fund-raiser
at Looney’s also features Dennis Schocket at 4 p.m. and
Walk-Ins Welcome at 6 p.m. Staggering Back takes the
stage at 9 p.m. A $5 cover charge begins at 9 p.m.
All proceeds from the door and 10 percent of the
registers, including dinner checks and bar tabs, will go
the cancer society.
“Every year it’s gotten increasingly bigger and it’s
hopefully something we’ll continue to do,” Butera said.
“Basically it’s to find a cure and more money to research
and try to find some cure for this problem.”
Staggering Back has also performed at an autism
benefit and another benefit to support the troops.
“Collectively, with all the charities, we’ve helped
raise about $32,000,” Butera said. “That’s the most
important thing. It’s good to give back, especially in our
When they’re not busy performing at various benefits,
the band members can usually be found rehearsing at
Smash Daddy’s in Perry Hall or playing locally in Bel
Air and other venues throughout the state.
Staggering Back formed in 2003 after May,
Hershbreger and McDermott found Butera.
“I’ve always wanted to be a rock star when I was a
kid,” May, who plays the lead guitar and also provides
vocals, said. “I’ve been playing since the third grade. I
can’t do anything else.”
But what’s the story behind the unusual name?
“We used to practice next door to the Manor Tavern,”
May explained. “We used to go next door to the bar for a
few drinks and ‘stagger back’ to the house to play some
Because the band members are influenced by different
styles, their own music doesn’t fit into a specific genre.
“That’s the crazy thing,” McDermott, who plays bass
guitar and also provides vocals, said. “It’s all over the
Hershberger, who plays the drums and provides
vocals, said he’s into classic rock, such as Pink Floyd,
Pearl Jam and “anything ‘80s.”
Meanwhile, McDermott is more laid-back and
attributes his influences to reggae, such as Bob Marley,
and punk rock, such as Sublime.
May said he’s into heavy metal, such as Metallica,
Black Sabbath, “just heavy, nasty rock.”
Butera describes himself as a “classic
rock guy,” but he also like rhythm and
blues, Jimi Hendrix and Otis Redding,
“all that good stuff.”
Staggering Back’s style is just as
diverse as its band members.
May describes the band’s styles as “if
you took The Clutch and Sublime with a
little bit of Metallica and Black Crowes
meets something edgier.”
But Hershberger offered a different
formula: “Rolling Stone meets Black
Crowes meets Metallica meets AC/DC.
It’s a derivative of all music.”
Butera said the band’s style is
“definitely upbeat and eclectic.”
“We can’t be pigeonholed,” McDermott
said. “We like all styles and it comes out
in our music.”
During their shows, the band plays
both covers and original songs.
“Our original songs are all over the
place,” McDermott said. “We don’t really
have a style.”
But May wanted to assure the public
“there’s a little something for everyone.”
“We do Black Sabbath, Black Crowes,
Rolling Stones, Beatles, Allman Brothers,
The Doors, Sublime, Johnny Cash, Green
Day and Journey,” Butera said.
Even though their influences and
styles are eclectic, McDermott said it all
comes together.
“Somehow it works. We pull it all
together and make it work,” McDermott
said. “Everyone can relate to at least one
Butera described the band’s first
album, “A Silent Change,” as “very
“It’s a hodgepodge of the best we could
come up with,” Hershberger said.
The band is also recording a live
album titled “Waiting on Exile,” which
features live recordings from shows at
the 8x10 Club in Baltimore and the
Recher Theatre in Towson.
“You’ll definitely hear a blend of
everything,” May promised.
May also said the band members play
music because “we suck at sports.”
“Music is my soul,” Hershberger added.
“It’s that drive that keeps you going. It’s
something you really can’t describe. You
can’t put it in words.”
May described the feeling of performing
on stage as an “energy circle.”
“As the audience senses are heightened,
so do ours,” Hershberger said. “We feed
off the music.”
The band members also said they
would be nothing without their fans.
“We look out on stage and see the
same people in the crowd. They follow
us,” May said. “It’d be weird to play a
show without them there.”
Even though Staggering Back isn’t
selling out arenas or traveling in a tour
bus, the band still has a strong following
of fans.
“Staggering Back’s shows always
promise a combination of their original
music as well as many rock and roll
classics. Their style and enthusiasm
makes for an exciting environment
perfect for singing along and dancing
with your friends,” Shelly Gottesfeld of
Jarrettsville wrote in an e-mail. “I think
their instrumental talents far exceed
those of the band you expect to see at
your local bar.”
Perhaps Gottesfeld’s favorite part of
Staggering Back shows is the audience
“Staggering Back thrives off of
audience participation, so the louder you
are, the better,” Gottesfeld said. “I have
seen many people, who just happen to
catch a show, get drawn in by their
performance and get up on their feet and
start dancing within no time. That says
a lot.”
Justin Lingerfelt, also of Jarrettsville,
enjoys the Staggering Back shows.
“I like Staggering Back because they
cannot be labeled or categorized into
a single genre,” Lingerfelt wrote in an
e-mail. “They run the gamut playing
anything from metal to funk to reggae to
blues and everything in between. Their
shows are a refreshing escape from the
cookie cutter bands that frequent the
local area and radio waves. Plus I think
it’s time people remember how to rock.”
The band’s consultant, Mark
Santavenere, is also a fan.
“These guys play great covers,”
Santavenere said. “They’re not like
anything on the radio.”
For information about Staggering
Back, including recordings, visit www. or www.
And Staggering Back has nothing but
love for their fans, who mean everything
to them, they said.
“We just like to look out and see
people having a good time,” McDermott,
who writes the band’s original songs,
said. “It’s also weird that they’re singing
a song you wrote with you. It’s one of the
greatest highs.”
Most importantly, the band simply
plays for the love of the music.
May said he doesn’t necessarily want
to be signed to a major label where
someone else tells the band what to do.
“I don’t want to become like
Nickelback,” May said. “I don’t want to
be that band. I want to be the band that
didn’t get big notoriety, but still had an
underground following, like Slayer.”
Even if they didn’t have such a strong
fan base, May said the band members
would still be making music.
“When it comes down to it, we’re four
friends making noise,” May said. “Don’t
forget that.”
The four band members are also close
friends, never letting an opportunity slide
to joke around with each other.
“All of these guys are my friends,” May
said. “They stood with me at my wedding.
If we weren’t playing together, we’d be
drinking together.”
Hershberger wouldn’t have it any
other way.
“I’m doing what I love,” he said. “We’re
May agreed.
“We do this to see people jump and
have a good time,” May said. “No matter
how much money we make or don’t make,
we’re still going to be doing it.”
If you come to a Staggering Back show,
you’re guaranteed to have a good time.
“If you come out to one of our shows,
you’ll thoroughly enjoy yourself,”
McDermott said. “You’ll groove and have
a good time.
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"StaggeringBack's "Busted Down" album review 9/21/10"

Sorry if it does quite make sense it was originally written in Spanish and i used google translate and this is how it came out. It is still easy to follow, you'll see just read it.

Those who know them well say that revolutionized Baltimore when formed as a band, they lack the know say that his proposal for classic hard rock and Rhythm and Blues is capable of flying from the head of any over-fitting hat who do not they will surely be known remedy for such an event after reading this review or delivered by hand can continue to condemn their lives in some or other necessities, and please understand this with the necessary dose of humor. Four seasoned types from each other band tour and uneven development in the musical, which in my point of view may be beneficial if you know sick administered with caution and respect necessary because you know that the excesses of ego and so mishandled "musical differences" have put the kibosh on a lot of good groups, unfortunately clear, although this is not the case.

In the work of Eric Butera voice coming from the blues rock, Russ military in May that metal bands and are responsible for Butera own guitars, drumsticks Korey Hershberger to tanning in a thousand and one jam bands, and finally Danny McDermott for a long time "slave" of reggae and punk rock bass, various ingredients and using a simile drawn from stoves, have managed to create a fabulous pairing in music and among all organizing this lush album rock, rock and roll blessed!

Obviously, how could not seem to be otherwise in music as a combination of disparate elements can only undertake two very different development paths, and the resulting mixture breathes feeling from every pore and is a pump, or ends up being a disaster and operates out each one by hand. Fortunately, the winning option has proven to be the first, positive, you realize that these guys have set a record resultón, very rock, full of eclectic and looks to the roots of American rock.

One of the conditions that I always like "look" as I prepare to play a disc for the first time is that at its inception have something to say, I am really bored stupid intros and other faux pas, this is a fucking rock and roll album, right? , According to records in the strength is highly valued by a person like me who has long nursed directly from the punk and its excesses, Well, this threshold is exceeded personal with the original "Let It Rip", cocky, rock and beyond that I pay if the vocal range of Mr. Butera do not see a resemblance to some of the inflammatory slogans blessed Danko Jones, certainly casual resemblance. "Black Fever" and the pace of some particular bluesrockera continues to fuel the pot of the good feeling to be immediately deleted from the map by the devilish riff of "Waste of Time" pure rock and roll with no additives or contemplations.

"Busted Down" and its apparent heaviness connects directly to the old tree of the 70's, the pseudo acoustic folk of "Time To Grow", "Devilish Diva" or "Borrowed Ground" as enveloping as contagious, followed by "Yet To Be Determined" half time pretty weak (I've only once and possibly hatred is being unfair.) In new nod we witness a comeback of the old blues rock with "Walk Away" to moments after the mandates under riff announcer Russ unmistakable mark of May put an end to this right, tight and very enjoyable rock album, nothing new under the sun but ... - 77 Motherf-ckerclub

"StaggeringBack's "Busted Down" album review 9/17/10"

StaggeringBack - Busted Down (2010)
Si la portada de The Gracious Few te llamaba la atención inmediatamente , el diseño gráfico de esta banda llamada StaggeringBack no es ni mucho menos tan inmediata y colorida, más bien sosa. If the cover of The Gracious Few caught your attention immediately, the graphic design of this band called StaggeringBack is not nearly so immediate, colorful, rather dull. Pero lo que contiene no es ni mucho menos así . But what it contains is far less well. Puro Southern Rock de guitarras animadas y bailables. Pure Southern Rock Guitar lively and danceable. Como buenos habitantes de Baltimore , el Rock 'n' Roll corre por sus venas, la música de Club humeante y Bourboneante , una mezcla de los Faces con Lynyrd As good people of Baltimore, the Rock 'n' Roll runs through their veins, the music of smoky Bourboneante Club, a mixture with Lynyrd Faces Skynyrd . Skynyrd. Su disco está editado este verano y seguro que os dará unos cuantos momentos de placer. His album is released this summer and certainly will give a few moments of pleasure.
- Zapatos y Rock'n'Roll

"StaggeringBack's "Busted Down" album review 10/1/10"

Strong guitars, but not too heavy, folk climate prevailing in most of the songs. Essa é uma nova tendência que começa a ganhar espaço no mercado, lago como um “soft stoner rock”, indo além do que faz hoje a banda norte-americana Wilco. This is a new trend that is beginning to gain traction in the market, lake as a "soft stoner rock," going beyond what is today the American band Wilco.

As duas principais bandas desta tendência, se é que podemos chamar assim, são Black Mountain e StaggeringBack, que lançaram em setembro seus novos trabalhos – elogiados pela crítica inglesa. The two main bands of this trend, if we can call it that, is Black Mountain and StaggeringBack, which launched in September in their new work - praised by English critics.

O Black Mountain é uma banda canadense folk rock/stoner rock liderado por Stephen McBean. The Black Mountain is a Canadian folk rock band / stoner rock led by Stephen McBean. A banda faz uma espécie de revival do rock psicodélico dos anos 60/70 com guitarras mais pesadas e passagens progresivas. The band makes a kind of revival 60/70's psychedelic guitars with heavier passages and Progreso. As influências da bandas são Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Velvet Underground e Black Sabbath, de acordo com o site da banda. The bands influences are Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Velvet Underground and Black Sabbath, according to the band's website.

O novo trabalho, “Wilderness Heart”, acentua os duetos entre McBean, que canta e toca guitarra, com a doce vocalista Amber Webber. The new work, "Wilderness Heart," highlights the duets between McBean, who sings and plays guitar with the sweet singer Amber Webber. Merecem destaque também os inspirados solos de guitarra, especialmente nas músicas mais pesadas. Also worth mentioning the inspired guitar solos, especially in the heavier songs.

O StaggeringBack é norte-americano e tem a base de sua música no duelo de guitarras de Eric Butera (que é o vocalista principal) e Russ May. “Busted Down”, o álbum, é mais calcado no hard rock, mas abusa, no bom sentido, das guitarras acústicas e violões de corda de aço, ora esbarrando no folk, ora no country. The StaggeringBack is American and has the base of his music in the duel guitars of Eric Butera (which is the lead singer) and Russ May. Busted Down ", the album is more based on massive hard rock, but abuses in good sense of acoustic guitars and steel string guitars, sometimes colliding in folk, sometimes in the country.

Em alguns momentos, o som lembra o Great White, outro ícone do hard rock oitentista dos Estados Unidos. At times, the sound resembles the Great White, another iconic hard rock eighties the United States. Butera consegue em várias passagens atingir o mesmo tom de Jack Russell, o cantor do Great White, principalmente nas faixas onde o clima folk predomina. Butera can reach several passages in the same tone of Jack Russell, singer of Great White, especially on tracks where the weather folk predominates. Curiosamente, é o Black Mountain que emula na capa de seu novo álbum o tubarão, mascote característico do Great White. Interestingly, it is the Black Mountain that emulates the cover of his new album Shark, mascot characteristic of the Great White. Ouça Staggerinback sem preconceitos. Staggerinback Listen without prejudice. -

"Leukemia Lymphoma Society"

Every year StaggeringBack is part of a fund raiser for the leukemia lymphoma society of Maryland and puts on an all out rock show at the same venue every year in April at Looney's Pub North in Bel Air, MD all proceeds go directly to the charity, in hopes that all is well for one more human life. - The Aegis

"Military Benefit"

StaggeringBack was part of a fund raiser in Aug. of 2008 at Smash Daddy's Bar in Perry Hall, MD. The fund raiser was organized to raise money and collect items to be sent to our troops overseas in hopes that they will know we still think about them and all that they do for our country. - Smash Daddy's Newsletter

"Stewartstown Music and Arts Festival"

For the past two years StaggeringBack has been part of an amazing festival and fund raiser to support the family's of a loved one who has passed away from an illness or someone who is struggling with the treatments and doctors bills that can be overwhelming and burdensome to the ones we love.The festival is held at the Stewartstown fairgrounds in Sept. of every year and open to the public to enjoy the many events, live music and craft booths, and don't forget the food. - SB


"A Silent Change"-(2007-2009)
"Busted Down"(2010) Debut album available on iTunes, CDbaby



StaggeringBack's fresh new sound is a prime example of a true rock band. Their interesting rock jam music style, put together with well defined lyrics will definitely drive you on a wild rock groove.

Staggering back hit the Baltimore Music scene in March of 2003 with a definitive new sound that has rocked the area since. The band consists of four members, Eric Butera on Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Russ May on Lead Guitar and Vocals, Korey Hershberger on Drums and Vocals, and Greg Gatto on Bass Guitar and Vocals, bringing many different styles and influences together to create an eclectic and energetic new sound that has not been heard in Baltimore for many years.

With a unique vocal approach born of his love for Classic Rock and good ol' American Rhythm and Blues, Eric Butera fronts the band with a voice that is both a combination of seductive melodies and aggressive Blues influenced growls. He quickly adapted to the many different genres of Rock n Roll that has evolved into the sound of Staggering Back. His guitar playing is the prefect compliment to both his vocals and the band itself. Sometimes slow and deliberate, other times wide open and awe inspiring, Eric is the perfect example of how to play adaptive guitar to complement an already accomplished vocal range that is one of the defining sounds of Staggering Back.

Russ May brings his highly disciplined Lead Guitar style developed from his early love of Metal and rounds it out with an innate ability to morph into any sound required of the band. Whether it be his blistering solo's that reminds one of the legends that paved the way for true Rock n Roll, or his powerful riffs that have helped put Staggering Back on the map, Russ is the consummate showman reminiscent of the likes of Slash and Jimmy Hendrix. His stage presence is second to none, but his guitar playing is one of the most memorable and captivating styles that has ever graced the stages of Rock n Roll venues. Unflappable and direct, he attacks with his guitar in an assault that draws in not only the casual listener, but the true music fans that have followed this band from the start.

The man behind the drum kit is Korey Hershberger. What can you say about this man? Never before has so much power and aggression been packed into a drummer. His sound will shake the timbers of any room he plays, but it is his steady beats that are the backbone of Staggering Back. Heavily influenced by arena rock bands such as Kiss, his love of Jam Bands is clearly evident in his style. To watch him play you will see a constant blur of hair and drumsticks due to the fact that he will never be happy just playing standard drum chops. Korey plays his drums like he lives his life, Loud and In Your Face, and that what sets him apart from other drummers.

With the new addition of Greg Gatto on the Bass, he comes from a vast musical background bringing an energetic and advanced approach to StaggeringBack’s already solid rhythm section. Having played in several local bands over the years, he comes to join the band bringing in a disciplined playing style, snug fit with the sound of StaggeringBack. Influenced from Rock, Metal, Blues, and Funk he keeps up the deep end pounding out the grooves.

From four different styles and four different influences, the Staggering Back sound has evolved into what the members intended it to be. Hard, heavy, provocative, orchestrated and well thought out Rock n Roll. Staggering Back has truly accomplished their intentions. Their live show is organized chaos, loud yet melodic, a perfect blend of so many genres of Rock n Roll. Staggering Back has made a statement that bands who follow should heed. Rock n Roll should never be limited to a certain sound, it should embrace all era's and genres, because in the end, Music should be played for all ages and for eternity. Staggering Back has lived this mantra and you will see they really are a band to be reckoned with. They have returned to the roots and brought back Rock n Roll.

"No intentions here to let you down"... StaggeringBack