Staggering Statistics

Staggering Statistics


Rock band from Cincinnati, OH whose music has drawn actual comparisons to bands as diverse as Television, Pavement, The Who and Captain Beefheart. Seriously.


The Staggering Statistics have left everyone looking for answers. The Staggering Statistics tell a story that cannot be ignored. The Staggering Statistics are a rock band from Cincinnati, OH. The Staggering Statistics story begins in late 2002 with a series of improvisational jams involving a prolific songwriter and musician called Austin Brown, a bass player called John Curley and various others called drummers.

Bassist John Curley, a founding member of the Afghan Whigs, owns Cincinnati's Ultrasuede recording studio. Austin Brown is a Texas native who has played in dozens of bands from Houston to Seattle before arriving in Cincinnati and joining dozens more, many at the same time. As the jam sessions began to give way to proper songs, Austin recruited his longtime friend, multi-instrumentalist Joe Klug as the new bands permanent drummer.

Joe and Austin had worked together at Kaldi's Cafe in the late 1990's. During that time, they composed and recorded music in Joe's downtown apartment. Guitarist and keyboardist Sam Womelsdorf, who joined the band in late 2005, is another veteran of the Cincinnati music scene having toured the US and Europe in the band Throneberry, who released several CD's on Alias Records in the 1990's. Sam is also a member of Culture Queer, whose 2004 release, "Super-Size It Under Pontius Pilate", was named best local CD of 2004.

The Staggering Statistics self-titled, debut EP was released in September 2004. The follow up LP, "All of this and more...", recorded on Election Day 2004, was released on Cincinnati's own Shake-It Records in June 2006. In the meantime, the Stats recorded and released an EP, "Pixelated Ones & Zeros", which came out in Feb. 2006 on 75orLess Records. In 2005 Cincinnati's CityBeat Magazine recognized The Staggering Statistics as New Artist of The Year.

Musically, Staggering Statistics have drawn comparisons to Pavement, Lou Reed, Television, Sonic Youth and Captain Beefheart. The sound is full and exciting, ranging from delicate melodies to decapitating fuzz bass. The dense rhythm section and Sam's unexpected yet tasteful melodic contributions provide the perfect compliment to Austin's cool vocal delivery and stabbing guitar. Joe's British invasion harmonies float atop a sonic sea that is always more than the sum of its parts. This is a unique band with excellent lyrics, great songs and a killer live show.


"Staggering Statistics" 2004
"Pixelated Ones & Zeros" 2006 (75orLess Records)
"All of this and more..." 2006 (Shake-It Records)

Set List

Typical set is original music and one or two covers for 45 - 60 minutes. Set length and song choices vary depending on the venue and the bill.