Stahi Bros

Stahi Bros

 Seattle, Washington, USA
BandHip Hop


Tha Stahi Bros is a true school hip hop group. Vitamin D aka Greenery Brown and Maineack Tubman aka M.C.420 have been friends and bonded by hip hop for over 15 years. As a group they have opened for a some of tour favorite rap/hip hop acts, Vitamin D has produced music and done mixing for a great deal of known acts and performers in the hip hop and neo soul genre. Tha Stahi Bros have a sound and feel that they call StahiMuseick, yes they definitely rhyme about 420 related topics but our main objective is to make meaningful music that all people can relate to. The Stahi Bros started out just making freestyle session cuts, then from there we decided to come together and make this something meaningful and solid. Both artist have solo careers and both support each other to the fullest in those endeavors. When Vitamin does a show Tubman is his hype man, when Tubman does a show Vitamin is his D.J. so no matter how you look at it when you see one you get two. . . Tha Stahi Bros.


Vitamin D-Bornday EP

Tha Stahi Bros-Hi on Wax
Tha Stahi Bros-Auto Tunes