Stain on Society

Stain on Society


Stain on Society is an extremely Tight band with Very catchy riffs and melodies that will make your head bang, Their powerful songs will play on in your Head! This multi-talented unit has forged a unique sound, and are now breaking onto the world stage. "Stain on Society" a name you will not forget


Stain on Society was formed in 2006 with 5 experienced Metal Musicians influenced by Metallica, Megadeth, Maiden, Dio, Priest and many mores...S.O.S. have played many many shows and have toured in Finland and England! but Its only just the Beginning for them! Produced by Doug Adams & Mike Gillies from Damage Entertainment Records you will hear from S.O.S. very soon!


What are now in the process of recording with Damage Entertainment records.
you can listen to some tracks at

Set List

Stain on Society set list.
20 songs + 2 Covers Metallica + Ozzy
1 Hr 30 mins Show.