Stairwell K

Stairwell K


The sum of their parts paints a vivid, technicolor picture made up of Blues, Acid Jazz, and shades of 70s Funk...killer vocals...and a Rhodes!


Formed in 1998, somewhere on this planet called Earth, but more specifically, in the infamous Stairwell K @ Carleton U in Ottawa, Canada...their motives...not enough funk and soul substance in the world, too much pop and glitzy background's up to us to change! And so, these six intrepid musicians embarked on a journey to promote funkalicious grooves and gut-wrenching soul coughing to the masses of humans, on this planet, called Earth.


2000 - "Live @ 4:20"
2001 - "Dekcuf"
2002 - "Stairwell K" 1 hour pro-video set
Summer 2003 - "Wake up and smell the greed"

Set List

Covers/Originals split 30/70
Covers include Sly Stone, Jamiroquai, Portishead, Richie Havens, Stevie Wonder, Ben Harper, Bob Marley, Harmonium...etc.
Most Originals centered around Funk Rock and a couple of acoustic folky tunes.