St. Alborne

St. Alborne


OMG! Did you hear that new Philly Rock & Soul Band called St. Alborne. The band has real musicians, and the front man can actually sing, and he looks pretty good too! Don't you hate when the band is good and the singer sucks! Gotta see these guys! But wait...I am the front man...and it's my band!


St. Alborne, born from the imagination of Damon Small - whose middle name titled the band - was bred in the Carribean, raised in the city, and schooled in the arts.

St. Alborne reaps the work of rap, soul and hard rock pioneers to create a sound both unique, familiar and energized. Bass, drums, guitar and vocals create a genre-bending assault that excites the senses and awakens the consciousness. All who have heard St. Alborne knows this is where music is headed in the 21st century.

Jason, Rob, John and Damon come together to create a band that is as varied as the music. Listen and Believe!

Set List

Set lists are arranged depending on length of set given. If 45 mins. to an hour

Rock N Soul
Take Me 2 Ur God
Welcome 2 Knowhere
Cameo's - "Word Up"
Excuse Me Miss
Don't Save Me
28 W. Duval St.
Prince's "When Doves Cry"