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Stale Fashion


Stale Fashion is an eclectic blend of sophisticated pop melodies and rambunctious, heart pounding rock n roll. Thoroughly original as well instantly accessible, Stale Fashion is looking to push the limits of popular American music to a new plateau.


Stale Fashion began in the winter of 2006 when Ben Shea and Ryan Stout began writing and rehearsing songs on guitars in a loft space above a barbershop in Hattiesburg, MS. When Justin Butler joined on bass in December, Shea moved to drums so the band could prepare to perform live. They played one show on January 18th, 2007 with this line-up, at which time it was decided that Shea's talents were wasted on the drums. Stout contacted an old musical compatriot, Joseph VanZandt, to play the drums, giving Stale Fashion its current and permanent line-up. They played shows to increasingly large crowds around Hattiesburg in the spring of 2007, and by early summer they decided it was time to release a record. Since their sound was constantly evolving, they decided to release an EP that would encapsulate Stale Fashion's genesis period. Save the Nuggets For Never was produced and recorded by the members of Stale Fashion under the leadership of Shea, a long time pro-tools veteran. After months of recording and mixing the EP, it was released to a sold-out crowd at The Thirsty Hippo in downtown Hattiesburg. Since then the history of Stale Fashion has been a whirlwind of recording and touring. They currently have a new album in production, and recently returned from a tour of the Northeast including shows at The Knitting Factory in New York City and Harper's Ferry in Boston.

Stale Fashion's unique sound is due in no small part to the disparate influences cited by each of its members. Stout is a long time Bob Dylan devotee, and cites also Neutral Milk Hotel and the Kings of Leon as major influences. Shea is a die-hard Dave Grohl fan, influenced primarily by the Foo Fighters and Nirvana, as well as Spoon and Modest Mouse. Butler generally prefers music with a heavier slant, such as The Melvins and The Lemonheads. VanZandt enjoys an eclectic blend of music, but worships primarily at the altar of the almighty Beatles.

Stale Fashion makes no apologies for the hard work and dedication it devotes to ensuring its unique sound reaches audiences worldwide. Its efforts tireless, its commitment unparalleled, it is only a matter of time before they succeed. Has The Fashion transformed you?

February, 2008


Save the Nuggets For Never (2007)
Buddy Sessions (2007 - 2008, unreleased)

Tracks from both are available for streaming at

Set List

Stale Fashion currently has approximately an hour and fifteen minutes of original material. We are most comfortable playing 45min-1 hour sets or two thirty-forty minute sets. We do not play covers. A list of the songs we currently play:

1. Weird Dynamic
2. Summer's Outro
3. Monorail
4. The Riddle of the Toothpick
5. A Guitar Lesson with Matt DiPaolo
6. No Hooters
7. Battleships
8. 30 Foot Wall
9. Uncommon Noise
10. Telescopic Film
11. Cellophane Strangers
12. Your Body is a Rope
13. Lost in Spain
14. Sea of Photographs
15. Pockets
16. Songine
17. Boots and Underwear
18. Eff Shark
19. Stunner
20. Loose Lips
21. Geronimo