High Energy Show, We play different styles of music, unpredictable.


The band started out in 2004, but got really serious in 2006 when drummer Kevin Pereira was added to the band. The members of Stalemate pretty much grew up together and are all best friends. Their love for the music brings them all together to form what is known as STALEMATE. All members have different influences from Bob Dylan and The Beatles to Sevendust and Iron Maiden. We write all different kinds of songs so its hard to categorize the music we play. Pretty much we are 4 guys who just love to have a good time and enjoy playing music for everyone to enjoy and have fun!


In 2004 the band recorded The "Grand Experiment" with a different lineup of band members. We are hoping to record our new CD by the end of the summer.

Set List

Originals songs: Will For President, Morning Person, When I Sing, Tom Cruise, Dig The Well, 10 Dollars, Stethescope, Faded Velvet, Optimist, Running, Just A Dream, Sapphire, Knockout, and Music Box.
Cover songs: That Thing You Do - The Wonders
Atomic Punk - Van Halen
Bulls on Parade - Rage Against The Machine
Just Like a Woman - Bob Dylan

We can play anything from a half hour set to doing a full 2 Hour long show.