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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Duo Pop Rock




"9 things with your soon to be favorite band 'STAMPS'"

1. You guys have such a cool, hip, young look. Does that just come naturally? Are you just naturally cool, hip and young? Thank you! Well, we are naturally young. I’m not sure about cool and hip, but we’ll take it!
2. Why STAMPS? Because we stick on you.
3. Tell me a bit about your background?Adam is from Chicago. Ren is from Houston. Naturally, we met in the middle…Los Angeles. Stamps started as a heavily 1960’s influenced indie-rock band, but somewhere along the line we found ourselves wanting to create something new and fresh. We wanted to put our flavor on a current sound.
4. How would you describe your music? Female fronted pop band with hot beats and funky synth parts mixed with rock n’ roll.
5. Any bands, or artists you might be compared to?We’ve been compared to the most random artists. I can’t think of any right now, but some of them were down right crazy!
6. What is your own taste in music like? Love everything from The Beatles, The Kinks, Dr. Dog, The Beach Boys, The Strokes, Phoenix, The Zombies & The Thrills. Obviously anything with a “The” in front of it.
7. How does STAMPS differ from other duo groups? I think our sound is what sets us apart. We don’t really sound like any other duos out now.
8. Coachella just wrapped up, Is that something you’d like to do in the near future? Would it fit your style of music and performance? Definitely! We’ve never been to Coachella, but I’ve heard the stories and seen the videos. I think people at the festival want to have fun, and we’re fun, so yeah.
9. Anything fans should expect, or be excited about?We have been releasing new songs every Friday for the past month until we release our self titled album this May. We’re also about to go on a three week tour, and more new songs are already in the works! You can check it all out at - Dioanthony at Bello Magazine

"Listen To This: High On A Cloud!"

Disco is back! And stronger than ever!
We've gone from nu-disco to new nu-disco!!!
SOOOO many great disco-influenced acts have been emerging recently, and we're especially loving Stamps!
If you dig Capital Cities or Little Boots, you will love this Los Angeles-based band!
Check out their light and feathery I Won't Tell A Soul above! It's glittery and gold and we love it!!!! - Perez Hilton

"STAMPS Release New Music"

Pop music isn't very hard to find these days, but good pop music is. When it comes to STAMPS, they fall under the category of good pop music.

The Los Angeles based pop dou has released a new song, "Lost In California", today. The song is a great anthem to end the summer on. You can check it out on their website and even download it!

Don't think that'll be the last you hear of them though. The band is currently recording new music with producer Marc McClusky (Weezer), and they hope you're ready for what they have to offer. - kory woodard (editor-in-chief) Inspirer Magazine


Summer is still sweltering in Houston, which means there's still time for season anthems. Consider "Lost in California," a late entry from indie-pop duo Stamps:

Houston native Ren Patrick is charismatic as ever on the vocals, which are laid against a glossy beat with electro-pop flourises.

Even better, it's available as a free download via Stamps' official site.

Stamps is working on new music with Marc McClusky, whose credits include Weezer, Ludo and Everclear.
- JOEY GUERRA @ The Houston Chronicle

"Weekly Download 8/29/12 (Lovelife, Stamps and more)"

The most likely track to hit the radio this week comes from Stamps. The indie-pop, or rather pop-indie duo from California carries the young, dancing vibe of lead vocalist Ren Patrick from start to finish.
- Justin @ Music Under Fire

"Weekly Download 8/29/12 (Lovelife, Stamps and more)"

The most likely track to hit the radio this week comes from Stamps. The indie-pop, or rather pop-indie duo from California carries the young, dancing vibe of lead vocalist Ren Patrick from start to finish.
- Justin @ Music Under Fire

"EXCLUSIVE! Stamps Gives Us Multiple Marvelous Eargasms!"

Amazing! Absolutely AH-Mazing!!!
If you haven't been paying attention, we are absolutely in lust with Stamps!
They're an unsigned El Lay foursome and a relatively unknown commodity, but we think they're one of the most perfectly pop-tacular bands on the entire freaking planet!!!
We recently brought the three beautiful boys and Ren Patrick, the band's seXXXy singing starlet-in-making, in for an EXCLUSIVE! acoustic sesh and the results were unbelievable!!!!
Ch-ch-check out their rendition of Leave You Lonely (above)!
Ren's voice is soooo angelic, so powerful!
We seriously LOVE Stamps so much we could lick them!!! (Ha! Get it!?)

Read more: - Perez Hilton

"Listen To This: Warm As A Fire"

You don't need a lot of money or big producer to make great pop music! Just look at Stamps! The Los Angeles band is still - we're not sure - unsigned, but they are making Katy Perry-caliber pop.
We LOVE it!!!!!
They are also so versatile and their song Cold As Stone reminds us a lot of Betty Who, whom we also love.
Check it out above!

Read more: - Perez Hilton


"STAMPS" - Album Released (May '13)
"Lost in California" - Single Released (summer '12)
"Won't Tell a Soul" - Single Released (spring '12)
"Modern History" - Single Released (Spring '12)
"Love is Dead" - Single Released (Spring '12)
"Stampsventures..." - EP Released (Summer '11)
"Tramps" - EP Released (December 2010)

"Lost in California" has had airplay on KissFM and various local/college radio



Don’t mistake Stamps for your everyday catchy, contemporary, dance-inspiring pop band. Their mission is a bit deeper than that - “to write music that is fun for people, that helps them get over broken hearts and hard times.” Singer/songwriter/producer Ren Patrick and songwriter/drummer/producer Adam James first bonded 5 years ago in Los Angeles over their shared passion for music. Ren, a Texas native, studied jazz and musical theater growing up, while Adam, a Chicago transplant, has played with members of OneRepublic and OK Go in the power pop band Debate Team. He is the perfect complement to her powerhouse voice, and together they’ve just finished up on the High School Nation Tour, with Trevor Jackson, Taboo from The Black Eyed Peas, Blush and Drake Bell. When they are not on the road, they are busy writing, recording and producing songs for their new E.P. coming out this year. While you wait for them to release new music, sample their self-titled E.P., available on iTunes.

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