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The best kept secret in music


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Thusfar, I have released 2 CD's...
Dedicated To The Love of Music and G522 The Fruits.

All of the music is available at my website, .

There are individual Tracks there from each CD that can be listened to...



Hello, My name is Stan Barnes... It's true that I play saxophone and normally when we hear this we think Jazz, however, my style of music crosses over into a little of everything.

Yes my roots are in Jazz, but my style of music branches out in all directions. Check out "A Minor Movement" off the first CD Dedicated to the Love of Music.

I listen to a variety of musicians and bring a little of all of them on Stage when I perform. For example...
I’ve been inspired by many artists as I said earlier such as… Benjamin Pruitt Sr., Gerald Albright, Skip Pruitt, Dewight Adams, Elvis Presley, Sax Man George Benson, Guitarist George Benson, Luther Van Dross, Kirk Whallum, Jerome Davis, Kenny G, Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby, Duke Ellington, Horace Silver, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Sammy Davis Jr., Grover Washington Jr., Johnny Cash, Jim Nabors, Bobby McFerren, Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Michael Jackson, Anita Baker, Karen Carpenter, Janet Jackson, Prince, Johnny Walker, James Brown, BB King, David Sanborn, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Al Jarreau, Danny Kaye, Louis Armstrong, This list is incomplete, but I’ll keep adding to it as I keep thinking. But as you can see, inspiration comes from many different avenues, and it is as multi-faceted as the people who offers it.

Our Live performance is what sets us apart from other bands and musicians. Our goal is to take the live performance to the next level one note at a time. We want to reach the hearts of the audience, we want them to experience our musical intent deep within. And we want them to enjoy themselves either through a trip down memory lane, or the shear enjoyment of watching Musicians give the heart and soul in a well arranged show.

Please allow me to tell you a little about myself. I'll try not to bore you too much.

I am now working as a Firefighter in Farmington Hills, a small suburb outside of Detroit, Michigan where I was born and raised. And like yourself and so many others, I believe I was molded by all of my life’s experiences along the way. I have always loved music, I guess from the first time I saw my father pick up his guitar and sing to an audience full of people, or the times watching others entertain or express themselves either lyrically or musically I guess, I, like others, picked up little pieces of them throughout my journey in life thus far.

I first picked up the sax while attending Henry Ford High in Detroit, and I have been playing every since. I have played with several groups throughout the years and have enjoyed and learned many lessons from each band and their members. I also met my beautiful wife Brenda at Henry Ford, I knew when I first met her, just like with music, that it was meant to be, and that from our first encounter, it would last forever.

We have been married 18 years now with 3 handsome boys Jordan, Brandan and Kadan. It was then that I learned a different kind of love, one that I never knew until I had them. And you parents out there will know just what I am talking about.

Well anyway, This CD has been a lot of fun for me because I got a chance to express myself with different styles of music which is how I came up with the title Dedicated To The Love of Music. Actually I did have more material, but as you know you can only put so much on one CD.

And to some of you who know me, you know that I am employed and provide for my family as a Firefighter. And often in this profession, you have many opportunities to see quite a bit that inspires you. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But I always try to find the good in everything. I say that to say this: I chose to donate a portion of the Proceeds that I may procure to The Great Lakes Burn Camp. Fire has touched many lives in so many ways. My immediate family had the misfortunes of losing almost everything we had in our house fire in Detroit. It was devastating; it almost broke up our family. But that’s a discussion for another time.

I guess that’s why I wanted to take this opportunity to… as Mrs. Stacy Jenkins of the Observer Newspaper said: “To combine two passions of mine into one common goal”.

As you will see with the Music on this CD, I chose this first time around to blend a mixture of styles and cultures all in the name of Love, Relaxation, Fun and Enjoyment. My approach to music is first from the standpoint that Music is Universal… There is no right or wrong song or musical phrase. It is a lot like Art. And as the saying goes, one man’s trash is another’s treasure. I may hear a song in my head and heart and choose to express it in a certain way. Now I am aware that this particular piece could literally go into a thousand different directions with all the possibilities of melodies that come to Artists. Which is right, which is wrong? I am firmly convinced that there is no right or wrong. If it sounds good and feels good to you or me, then why not? And its true at times I may