STANCE delivers an intense combination of uplifting lyrics, powerful chord progressions, invigorating vocals, world class inspiring guitar solos and aggressive drum beats in a spirited, spiritual and unreligious electrifying performance.


Marcus Maximus, STANCE's songwriter, attributes his inspiration to create rhythms and melodies to the experiences he had while living and visiting North American cities as well as South American countries and a few other European countries. Moreover, his humanitarian inclination and his personal dedication to his spiritual life are the key sources to where the lyrics of his music are birthed from. He says: "15 years of studying music and performing would be meaningless without the ability of channeling what I've experienced in life through it."
Both T.J. and Filipe are Berklee students and dedicate their musical expertise to Rock, Funk, Jazz, Blues and Samba to name a few genres. It is unecessary to mention how their musical knowledge and admirable talent is utilized...
But STANCE's most versatile and brilliant musician would have to be Felipe Miranda. Besides being a professional musician he's also a songwriter, music producer and composer. His line of work with STANCE is primarily to perfect and embelish musical arrangements. Wederson in turn, brings stability and form to the band by adding chord progressions and intentions that wouldn't be thought of otherwise.
All in all, via rock STANCE engineers the ability of translating into the rich language of music the voice and emotions of mankind whether in love or utter hate, whether in despair or clinging to hope. The band name came to mind when its members realized how powerful music can be even through a few people who come together to take a stance for what they believe in for the good of life.


Singing With The Angels

Written By: Marcus Maximus

I saw in the news today how millions more have lost their way

I heard the cry of hungry children so forsaken

Inside my heart I felt their need and desperation

It’s time to rise it’s time to fight we need to bring our light to nations

Although we know this life is short, we give ourselves away and…

We know for sure the streets of gold will be waiting

And one day I’ll be singing with the angels far from here; I heard a promise and I believed

I’ll be singing with the angels far from here someday

I believe that I’ll be singing with the angels far from here; I heard a promise and I believed

I’ll be living with the angels far from here someday

While each soul will fight dreaming to survive amidst a world of pleasures

I will open my eyes and I won’t try to hide the many tears I’m shedding

I’m laying down my life to help shattered lives ‘cause I feel their hurt and sadness

Though I don’t know their names I will share their pain and I won’t give up in trying

Call, Seek, Knock

Written By: Marcus Maximus


Of all the things we know that you did, some might despise you but I will forgive

Your past is behind you, do not desist!

No matter how dark is the world you’re in, despite all your fears and the things you’ve seen

I can show you the true way to live


Living in times where some fail to see the importance of their destiny

Living the life no one wishes to live to pay the price for glory


Just call me when you’re lonely, just seek me when you’re broken

Just knock when you can’t find home and believe and you will never fade away


Of all the things you’ve heard that I did, my blood for the lost is your ticket to live

Won’t you believe that I died for you?

My greatest pleasure is to love you no matter how hard life has been for you

My mission still is to see you through

This Is The Moment

Written By: Marcus Maximus

So I chose to live every moment as long as I live and go as far as my mind can conceive

To reach the Earth’s end with the message of love

Until all eyes see the reason why we exist

I will bring true hope men dream of receiving

I will run to tell the story that makes dreams come about

This is the moment we’ve been waiting

To start to live our lives before we’re out of time

Let’s shed our fears and let our hearts lead to our dreams

Are our fears worth the sacrifice? Or are our dreams worth the sacrifice?

I have vowed to live my life in freedom through his saving grace alone

To live intensely and forget what stayed behind

Enjoy a new beginning in an old and dying world

And know the peace of those who will never die

What Would You Do?

Written By: Marcus Maximus

All you see is bound by time and quickly fading
Through the years will you find what you've been seeking?

True love will cast all fears away
What did you live this life for?

What would you do if you change the world?
Would you care for me? Would you give me hope if all was lost?
And would you save this world if I told you could?
Would you use your life so I could live?

Some will leave but their lives will keep on giving
In our hearts we will remember the moments that you lived for

True love remains forever and ever
Long after you're gone it will keep on giving

Do you believe that you can change the world?
You can care for me and you can give me hope if all is lost
And you can save this world if it's your heart's will
You can use your life so I can life
(Do you believe that you can change this?)


Written By: Marcus Maximus


We’ve now been here for too many days and we fear for our lives

We don’t know how but we wondered away and now we can’t go back

Being far from any means of escape we knelt down to God and prayed…


We’re writing in the sand so You can see us from the sky


Save Our Souls! We’re too young to die

Save Our Souls! From this fake paradise


This island is a display of disgrace but we fight to survive

We’re staying alive just another day but no meaning to our lives

This is a getaway of unreal dreams we need to see beyond this life


A sudden thought then crossed my mind if I would live or I would die

Regardless of my destiny I knew I’d be in Paradise

We're Going To Fight

Written By: Marcus Maximus

For our freedom we'll fight and in freedom we'll live

So let them try to demise our purpose to be

All the harder they try all the stronger we feel

Let there be truth and lies
Let all their weapons rise 'cause we've conquered all our fears

And we're going to fight, persevere, through time
'Till we finish the work that's a ahead of us
Take heart, we'll win as we shoot for the stars in the heavens
We'll fight, persevere, 'till we finish the work that's ahead of us
Take heart, we'll win, let us charge into battle

The oppression of tyrants will not prevail
And their deceit on mankind will come to an end
When the weakest of hearts trades the fibs for what's real


STANCE recorded in January of 2008 their first self titled EP featuring 6 songs.
Currently STANCE is back at their studio recording their much antecipated and highly demanded CD which songs are already being performed live.

Set List

STANCE has 14 original songs (no covers). Of the 14, tipically they will play 9 and that equals to a 1 hour set.
The usual 9 song list is as follows:
1. Intro/S.O.S.
2. Call, Seek, Knock
3. Take My Fears Away
4. You Freed My Mind
5. I'm Moving On
6. Singing With The Angels
7. What Would You Do (accoustic)
8. This Is The Moment
9. We're Going To Fight
10. I'm On My Feet
11. Inner Monster
12. Choose Your King
13. Forever
14. Help Another Live