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New York, New York, United States

New York, New York, United States
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Stand @ Half Door

Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Stand @ Half Door

Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Stand @ St John Fisher

Rochester, New York, USA

Rochester, New York, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Dublin’s Stand have already landed hard with their “Correspondent” album that did great across the pond but didn’t make as much of a dent overseas. Strike any theory of sophomore curses because “Transmissions” is just freakin’ huge. With soaring harmonies and gorgeous production, this is a band that won’t get labeled pub rock and will easily shake the less thoughtful comparisons to other British and Irish acts. It’s fresher than when Coldplay landed and isn’t as megalomaniac as U2. It’s just gushing gritty alternative pop-rock with tremendous vocal and guitar departments.

- J-Sin - Smother.Net

In "New York," U2's bittersweet ode to the Big Apple, Bono sings: "The Irish been coming here for years/feel like they own the place."

He's got a point; one needn't brave Martin Scorcese's "Gangs of New York" to catch the drift. Driven by famine, the Irish left home by the boatload a century back, heading for what must have been an idealized vision of a brave new world on Manhattan. What waited was more cold, hard truth than milk and honey.

Stand, an Irish quartet, left home in 2000 with its eyes on the prize New York might have tucked away in its pockets.

The band ended up in the Bronx and began slugging it out with the plethora of groups - homegrown, relocated, imported - scampering through New York's saturated original music scene.

By now, New York is home - or at least as close to a home as this ever-touring ensemble is likely to get.

Stand's "never-ending tour" brings the band to Nietzsche's, 248 Allen St., at 10:30 tonight for a show with Nancy's Candy and McCarthyizm.

School chums Neil Eurelle (bass and vocals), Alan Doyle (guitar and vocals), Carl Dowling (drums) and David Walsh (guitar and keyboards) had gone about as far as they could in their native Dublin.

Two singles from the band's debut effort, "Correspondent," made the Top 40 in 1999. Gigs got bigger, the fan base grew, press coverage was considerable. But soon, there was nowhere left for the band to go.

New York has warmed to the band, as the recently released "Live at Arlene's Grocery" album makes plain. For bands dedicated to going the indie route, there is little choice but to gig constantly, assemble the odd periodic showcase to impress the major-label types and keep the proverbial nose to the grindstone.

It's surprising that Stand hasn't been picked up yet, but then again, this is a gimmickless band; strong, passionate and deeply melodic rock with shades of the drama of the Smiths and the tunefulness of Coldplay run through a decidedly guitar-heavy meat grinder. Sadly, that might actually hurt the band.

The twin vocals of Eurelle and Doyle are Stand's ace in the hole. Each delivers robust, deeply invested performances, but it is when they join together - as on the undeniably catchy "Little Sweet Lucifer" or the relentless, churning "Sleeping on Our Feet" - that Stand stands above so much of its competition. This is a big, joyful sound.

Will Stand find the pot of gold the band left Ireland in search of? Who knows? The bigger question, of course, remains: Is there even a pot of gold to be had anymore? One doubts it.

The real action seems to be happening underground at the moment, and that's where you'll find me tonight, soaking up the scenery in Nietzsche's and reveling in music made for the joy of the experience.
- The Buffalo News

Poetry Music seeks Willing Guitar Rhythms. Encore within.

Stand is originally from the streets of Dublin where they formed in 1994. After making exhaustive tours through their native land and here in the States on the college circuit they retired to the studio and produced their latest offering, entitled "Transmissions".

"Transmissions" is a rock driven album with intense guitars and a driving rhythm. This is not standard American Bandstand fair that has a good beat and you can dance to. What tempers the rock heavy approach of this album is the melodic nature of many of the songs. It's as if an Irish singer/song writer was given an electric guitar to play their tunes in the pub. The overall effect turns out to be a delicate balancing act that in most tracks they accomplish with great alacrity and vivacity.

Stand has quiet moments amid the energetic rock they offer up on this album. The track "When Fate Becomes You" is one of these more contemplative moments. The tune is a lovely pairing of restrained guitars and orchestrated passages. This is a song in which a father is giving advice to a room of "Gentlemen and Ladies" before he takes his leave. The way in which the presumably aged man is speaking to the us gives the song a lyrical weight not usually seen in music with a good beat that you can dance to. With phrases like: "some worldly words of mine I'm sure you know, be true to yourself even if your heart bleeds for love, it will find its way to you..." this song manages to communicate typically "un-cool" , almost full on cheddar, sentiments not dealt with in typical rock by placing the message in a simple conversation, bringing the us into a moment rather than a musical sermon.

Another excellent track off Transmissions is "Torch", a song that sounds like a rock version of Coldplay's "Clocks". Light chimes offset the guitars with interesting rhythm sounds in the background. Dick Clark may not dig it, but that never stopped the dancing beat.

In an American music scene saturated with guitar driven rock music Transmissions will be an album that will Stand out with strong melodic and lyrical sensibilities. The rhythm's good, too.
- Kriselen.Com


Transmissions - Released 2/1/05
Available on and on iTunes.
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Feeling a bit camera shy


STAND formed on the streets and schoolyards of Dublin, Ireland in 1994. No want ads, no third-party introductions. The band learned their first songs and spent the next two years rehearsing and performing continuously in clubs throughout Ireland and Europe. During this period, they began to compose and develop the deeply melodic songs that would grace their Pat Donne-produced 1999 independent debut album, "Correspondent". Two singles from that album appeared on Irish charts, one holding various Top 10 positions for two weeks in late 1999. 2001 saw the release of a follow-up long player and an EP from the band. By the end of the year sales of 35,000 copies had amounted.

The live show, meanwhile, had developed into one of the most talked about on the Irish scene. "More energy than a barrel of monkeys" is how legendary New York venue operator Ken Gorka (Bitter End, Crash Mansion) describes this band onstage.

In mid-1999, having built a loyal fan base in Ireland, STAND played a sold-out show to 1200 fans at Vicar Street in Dublin and departed for America shortly thereafter.

This band from the outskirts of Dublin took New York City, literally, one stage at a time. One early audience member turned out to be a premier booking agent for the U.S. college market, and the band quickly found itself getting used to the right hand side of the road, winning over fans across the Northeastern and Southeastern United States. The group that played perhaps three times a month at home now found itself onstage five to six nights a week, playing to increasingly fanatic audiences. The webpage at has received 170,000 since inception in January of 2003.

In early 2003, between exhausting appearance commitments, the band recorded a batch of songs in various ad hoc spaces while sorting through production options. To whet the appetite of their audience, a single recording from the catalogue to come was released. Colm O'Hare of HotPress declared the appropriately titled Sleeping On Our Feet "a great tune...the chugging drone of the dual guitars or the faintly apocalyptic vocals reminiscent of the great Psychedelic Furs in their prime."

STAND immediately thereafter went into exile with proven veteran producer/engineer David Seitz (Jeff Buckley, Shawn Colvin, John Wesley Harding, Dar Williams) at the world class Clubhouse Studio in upstate New York and Shelter Island Sound in NYC. After completing two full production videos for targeted singles, the band spent the 2004 touring their homeland and the Northeastern United States while preparing to release this highly anticipated album.  Highlights from that tour included two soldout shows at New York's legendary Bowery Ballroom. 

Finally after extensive working and re-working of material, both on the road and in recording studios, Transmissions is due for global digital release and US distribution through the bands own label in early 2005.  The U.S. tour is currently being booked as the band looks forward to playing Transmissions and songs from their next record, already in pre-production, throughout the Spring and Summer of 2005.