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WOW, Thoroughly IMPRESSED.. The best saying was from the front man of another band that was playing said you guys sounded so clear it sounded like a cd was playing!!! BIG COMPLIMENT!

Hell of a show and loved you guys! Great show w/ STATE OF MAN, THE AMEND, & REVOLUTION MACHINE on Sat July 21st!

Anytime you can come back to knoxville you are welcomed!

Thanks KEVIN
THE PRINCE DELI - KEVIN, The Prince, Knoxville, TN

"Sweetwater Showdown First Round"

SSVI first-round winners Stand Alone, CapGunCriminals!
Current mood: impressed

Congratulations to Stand Alone and CapGunCriminals for advancing to the semi-finals of our sixth-annual Sweetwater Showdown Battle of the Bands. Don't miss them as they compete Septmeber 22nd for a chance to make it to the Sweetwater Showdown Finals!

- Leading Edge Entertainment

"Target Audience Review"

Stand Alone: Beside Myself
Category: Music

Stand Alone: Beside Myself (2007)
Review by Ellen Aldridge

"Voiceless" speaks to me in a way which seems ironic for two reasons. The first time I saw Stand Alone, at a private July 4 celebration, Kenny (vocals) could not attend last minute and I heard "voiceless" quite literally. Track 5 has always had an eerie presence for me since I first started buying CDs. Not that I don't start listening from track one, but it just seems track 5 on any new CD catches my attention and I hit repeat until I know every line of the song. The guitars kick in before the pre-chorus, "If I could start this over, rewind and burn the tape" explaining exactly how I feel about getting stuck on track 5 of any CD of any genre. (It also eerily reminds me of past mistakes and loves lost).

I love how the chorus and music work together to go from the start over line on to the melodic "voiceless" repetition in the first chorus and then "voiceless" is cut out of the second chorus and replaced by the almost spoken word lines of "I said, you know, let it go. We're falling through the cracks that isolate us every day". "Voiceless" feels like a generation song for those left behind by generation X. Where are we now anyway, generation Z, or have we come full circle?

Track 6, "Last Time", opens almost as an answer to "Voiceless" with its first line, "I'll have you to know there is no reason, this anger you show change with the season. We face it all…" With the movement of the guitars, bass and powerful drums Stand Alone packs each track with energy and passion. The lyrics go beyond the trite images of bands that "all sound the same".

The last track, "Paralyzed", ends Stand Alone's first Album "Beside Myself" perfectly summing up the feeling of a shadow. Perhaps, the shadow side of each individual's humanity and dark feelings haunting us all. "I can't help but fear the unknown" may seem a simple statement but we all fear letting those skeletons in the closet telling us we will fail; paralyzing us from following our hearts. "My shadow's paralyzing me" may speak to inner demons or to tormented love relationships. The beauty and double meaning in this song is the kind of lyrical style which will draw fans to Stand Alone and sing along with them as they soar to more mainstream music outlets and larger tours.

In live performances Stand Alone makes the crowd feel on the verge of a breakthrough. Mosh pits broke out during their July 28th show at the Masquerade while the front row of female fans sang along to every word. One fan even got on stage and danced with Kenny rather than being hauled off by some bouncers!

An incredible stage presence makes every Stand Alone show an experience.

Kenny Hathorne holds his heart and sings every
word straight from it, but don't just stare at his chest and miss the passion in his face!

Check out their Electronic Press Kit for yourself at SonicBids or visit their MySpace page at Stand Alone and make sure you order a copy of Beside Myself so you can sing along with the rest of the fans at the show!

Check the site often as I am sure they will be touring bigger venues throughout the country in the next year including a show in Macon, GA Sept 1 for the Q106 Labor Day Rockfest at the Powerstation. If you are anywhere near Atlanta, GA on Sept 21, 2007 make sure you check out Stand Alone headlining for Fervor at Center Stage during the 10th annual Atlantis Music Conference!

- Ellen Aldridge

"Fly Away"

Sweet guitars!
You gotta love those guitars. The hook the beat, you find your head starting to move up and down. I really like the vocals, great placement of backing vocals, great blend. Oh, love that soft ending. This is a rock song you can't get tired of. Should be a movie soundtrack opener or hit drama tv show for sure. Anyone listening out there?

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Melody, Beat, Mood, Best Potential Movie Soundtrack.

- iceray
Kingsville Naval, Texas
August 24th, 2007 -


Stand Alone was also awe-inspiring. Their ability to capture the audience and hold them down with great compositions, tight vocals and ripping guitar work nailed them a spot at the Finals in Atlanta as well.

Please stay tuned for information about the upcoming regional finals in Atlanta on June 30th. Be there, Center Stage, and get your tickets early because if history has anything to say this show will be sold out!

Sophie Creole - 17 May 2007 - Sophie Creole

"Download For The Cure!"

Just so everybody reading this knows...Stand Alone are extremely innovative music artists. We think you should attend all their shows, buy all of their CDs and T-shirts and be sure to put a Stand Alone sticker somewhere on your body.

Stand Alone, you GOT HEARD!

Go to and look in the comments section.
- Download For The Cure!


STAND ALONE hurdled into their melodic-metal set to a packed audience. They had superb vocalizations, exceptional guitar ability and robust rhythms.

Sophie Creole - 14 Mar 2007, Emergenza International Music Festival
- Sophie Creole


Thanks for uploading "Perfect" to Congratulations are in order! Your song did a bang up job in Round 1 of the Active Contest,and held its own against some stiff competition. It's been reviewed by folks all over the world, been subjected to raw, unfiltered scrutiny from people you don't even know...and guess what?.... They liked it! The blood, sweat and tears have paid off.

Your song made it to the upper echelon of its genre, and will now move on to the next level to battle it out with its peers in Round 2. Songs in Round 2 will move through an entirely new review cycle, to be reviewed and ranked against the other top songs in their genre. We'll measure your new ranking based on a combination of this new data and the old data. When the dust settles, those left standing at the top of the charts will get a shot at moving on to Round 3 and be one step closer to getting played on Yahoo! Launch radio.

"Perfect" finished at # 96 in Hard Rock.

In addition to moving up on our active charts, "Perfect" will still remain available in our All-time charts and you can continue to monitor its status on your Song Profile page.

Thanks for your support.

Rock on,
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- Ivy


SIR Magazine; Be on the look out for STAND ALONE in the next issue of SIR Magazine. They will not only have thier picture on the back cover, but a two page spread inside. What an interview and photoshoot.

EMERGENZA ATLANTA FINALS; We've made it to the finals @ Center Stage June 30th. Watch out Chicago, here we come!!!!

FLY AWAY to make it on the Atlantis Music Showcase Compilation CD.
FLY AWAY; Into round 3 of Garage Band, with 4.7 stars
FLY AWAY; released on 105.3 the BUZZ in Atlanta early April of 2005. Has recieved:
Track of the Day on 26Mar2007 in Alternative Rock
Best Male Vocals in Alternative Rock, week of 5Feb2007
Best Drums in Alternative Rock, week of 5Feb2007

Thier first full-length album, "BESIDE MYSELF" Released on March 23rd at an overwhelming crowd at the Masquerade in Atlanta. This album was engineered and co-produced by Shawn Grove (Sevendust, Collective Soul, American Devils, etc.) and Edgel Groves (Atlanta Music Hall of Fame) at Real2Reel Studios in Jonesboro, GA.

SO ALONE; single on the album has recieved: Track of the Day on 18Mar2007 in Hard Rock
Best Male Vocals in Hard Rock, week of 12Mar2007
Best Guitars in Hard Rock, week of 12Mar2007
Best Drums in Hard Rock, week of 12Mar2007
Best Production in Hard Rock, week of 12Mar2007
Best Lyrics in Hard Rock, week of 12Mar2007
Best Beat in Hard Rock, week of 12Mar2007
Best Mood in Hard Rock, week of 12Mar2007

PERFECT: single on the album has recieved; Track of the Day on 31Mar2007 in Hard Rock
Best Male Vocals in Hard Rock, week of 26Mar2007
Best Lyrics in Hard Rock, week of 26Mar2007
Rocking Track in Hard Rock, week of 26Mar2007 and is in rotation on and Project Homegrown on Project 9.6.1 FM in Atlanta.



STAND ALONE has evolved quickly in hot pursuit of the next big sound. Original members; Michael , Wes, and Kenny as the core of this band gelled when Chris Clarke and Jeremy Dok filled out the lineup making "SA" a HOT contender for the National Spotlight. Watch out, here they come and they are eager to make their mark! Earning their friends and fan's loyalty every step of the way through blood, sweat and hard work this Atlanta quintet is ready to share their message with the world at any cost.