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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Indie




"Standard Broadcast – After All - No Depression"

Standard Broadcast – After All - No Depression

Melodic rock n’ roll crew Standard Broadcast contribute their own splash of charming artistry to the autumn recording season with their brand new single “After All,” a reckless, witty pop song that packs a diverse punch more commonly associated with experimentalism. Standard Broadcast are a pretty modestly constructed band, and “After All” reflects their dedication to creating stripped down harmonies that aren’t fueled by ridiculous innuendos or overly cryptic lyrics. Fusing their insular pop stylings with a richly produced mix that directs the spotlight almost entirely on the band’s bold interpretation of tempo, this latest single is a heartfelt addition to the indie rock songbook and a terrific way for unfamiliar fans to get to know this fascinating new group.

“After All” doesn’t come up short in its words or music and is surprisingly well balanced for how volatile its design could have allowed for. It’s nice to hear a band that doesn’t rush to the climax of their material within the first sixty seconds of a song; Standard Broadcast have no qualms about unraveling their craft stitch by stitch in this track, which only adds to its illustrious draw. Some critics might take issue with the song’s obvious debts to surrealism, a common trait among new indie acts, but I think they do enough with this track to set their style apart from the rest of the class. One of the best qualities this band has is their ability to space out a melody and make the most of the tension that it creates, which isn’t something you come across every day.


Standard Broadcast hail from Pittsburgh, but they have a very Seattle-influenced sound. I hear traces of The Long Winters and Green Pajamas in “After All,” but I wouldn’t go quite as far as to say this is a post-alternative homage to the Emerald City scene. This music lacks the urgency of grunge and its associated subgenres, and I think that there’s enough of a pristine nuance in this single to firmly remove the band from any sort of “throwback” conversation that even mentioning 90s alternative bands would inevitably spawn. Standard Broadcast’s sound is their own, and while they aren’t reticent about embracing the influences that paved the road for their music, they aren’t anywhere close to being an imitation of their ancestors.

I genuinely enjoyed “After All” and think that if Standard Broadcast were to add just a touch more volume and back off of the black and white mastering of this single they would be a lock to transition into the primetime with little to no difficulty. Their sound has already begun to outgrow the underground that made it possible, and I wouldn’t be surprised if by this time next year the band is hammering out a record that will be acceptable to fans of alternative rock and contemporary pop alike. “After All” isn’t their swan song, but it certainly isn’t an amateurish stab at the spotlight. Standard Broadcast are going places, and this track serves as the cornerstone of the unfolding journey ahead.


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"PREMIERE: Standard Broadcast Release “Music Stops”"

Kicking off our premiere week, we got the awesome guys of Standard Broadcast who are back with the release of their infectious new single “Music Stops.” The song blends subtle catchy riffs with great harmonies.

STANDARD BROADCAST is a Pittsburgh, PA based Indie Rock four-piece. Nathan Jay (piano and vocals), Leland Shaw (cello), Adam Mor (guitar) and Jeff Skalyo (drums).
Formed in 2014, Nathan and Leland set out to create a more dynamic, catchy feel, without the traditional guitar/bass ensemble. After six months of songwriting, the guys went on to add hip-hop driven beats. Add to that Nathan’s rhythmic piano skills and rock-inspired vocals, along with Leland’s classically trained cello experience, and their music developed into an indie flare.

Looking to expand their sound, they brought on Jeff as the new drummer in the summer of 2015 and Adam Mor joined the band in 2018 as the lead guitarist.






SoundCloud: - Vents Magazine


Even though it’s only for brief moments, Standard Broadcast’s vocalist/pianist Nathan Jay’s voice reminds me of the ’90s, when gruff grunting and odd vocal tics were accepted hooks. (Think Better Than Ezra’s “wah-how!,” Collective Soul’s “yeah,” and countless others.) On “Me Without You,” the standout track on Standard Broadcast’s debut EP, All Comes Back to You, Jay’s growling resembles something from a parallel universe where Eddie Vedder is the vocalist of Coldplay. “Me Without You” is buoyed by a rough cello riff, probably the best moment on this brief EP. This bass-less group mixes angst with piano and cello-driven grooves, and although it’s refreshing to hear groaning vocals over something other than crunchy nu-metal guitars, in this case I have to admit that I sort of miss them. - Pittsburgh City Paper: by: ANDREW WOEHREL

"Local 913, Episode 52: Standard Broadcast"

The Pittsburgh group Standard Broadcast formed in 2014 when pianist Nathan Jay and cellist Leland Shaw’s previous band dissolved. “He and I just got together and started writing music. The cello has such a good bass-end to it. I love the melancholy sound of a cello. It mirrors kind of when you’re doing more rock or pop stuff. It’s good to have that balance,” Jay says.

The guys first added Holly Fromlak’s drumming to their non-traditional ensemble, but eventually Fromak migrated to her specialty: the guitar. “I’ve known Holly since she was in 8th or 9th grade. She’s one of my younger sister’s best friends. When Leland and I were starting our group, we played her a couple songs and she really liked it. She told us she plays drums, and we were like ‘Yes! Come play drums for us!’ She did that for about ten months. The kind of music we were writing, she really wanted to bring in the guitar. I mean, she went to WVU for classical guitar, so she’s been playing guitar for 15 or 20 years.”

With Holly moving to guitar, they welcomed Jeff Skalyo on drums and recorded their debut EP. Standard Broadcast’s songwriting duties are shared among Jay, Fromlak and Shaw. The song “Here We Are” was written by Nathan Jay. For more on Standard Broadcast, check out their website. - 91.3 WYEP Pittsburgh: Cindy Howes


- "Grow" EP - 2018
- "Standard Broadcast" LP - 2016
- "All Comes Back To You" EP - 2015



STANDARD BROADCAST is a Pittsburgh, PA based Indie Rock four-piece. Nathan Jay (piano and vocals), Leland Shaw (cello), Adam Seymour (guitar) and Patrick Riley (drums).
Formed in 2014, Nathan and Leland set out to create a more dynamic, catchy feel, without the traditional guitar/bass ensemble. After six months of songwriting, the guys went on to add hip-hop driven beats. Add to that Nathan's rhythmic piano skills and rock-inspired vocals, along with Leland's classically trained cello experience, and their music developed into an indie flare. In August 2019, Standard Broadcast welcomed Adam & Pat and signed to 



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