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Written By: Sheila Booth

Blackjack Lyrics by Sheila Booth

You can double down, hit, stand or split; even surrender but you just can’t quit.
That devil says easy, makes it sound real “Gonna make you rich the very next deal”
A believable truth where truth don’t lie
And you’re back to the table for one more try

Blackjack’s calling your name
Blackjack! Once you play the game
Blackjack! You’ll never be the same

Dealer throws a card that teases so; the Jack squeezes tight and won’t let go.
And he ties you up with a need to win and robs you blind as he draws you in,
With a power to hold and a power to drive:
Some say it’s a game, but Blackjack’s alive!


You study the game and get no rest, but Jack cuts you down when you take his test.
He buries your honor and fuels your greed; you bet your kin for the card you need,
So you’ll come back once and again for more,
You never know what the Jack’s got in store


You’ll bet a bit or you’ll bet a bunch; as you follow the deal or follow your hunch.
You’ve got money and lots of pride with no intention of being tossed aside;
You’ll kiss your chips and watch the dealing shoe
And don’t even realize the Jack’s coming for you.

Blackjack! You’re just a game
Blackjack! I’m not to blame
Blackjack! Let me be
Blackjack! Set me free