Standard Thompson

Standard Thompson

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

"Melodic, hook driven guitar pop rock with power and catchy simplicity that you can't help but to sing along with."


"Melodic, hook driven guitar pop rock with power and catchy simplicity that you can't help but to sing along with." I don't remember who said that about us, maybe I made it up!...I am Mike Hjelden and I started this band in 1996 in Minot ND. After 4 full lengths, several eps and much more to come. Here we are. We have played so many venues in the mid west that I have lost track. Most notably the 2 incredible nights at First Avenue Main room. Some packed houses at The Fine Line. Playing a crowded hockey arena with Keanu Reeves group "Dogstar".

ST has had a very fun and successful last few years especially with plays all up and down the television dial. We were used in the 2006 Super Bowl as halftime highlight music, as well as numerous MTV plays. This all happened thanks to a publishing deal we landed on our 2004 EP "It Still Rains Here Every Day" which was recorded and produced by Matt Kirkwold and James Harley from World Record Productions (Quietdrive, Lucky Boys Confusion, Danger Is My Middle Name). The EP saw great success in the US as well as Japan.

Our latest full length release, "More Noise 4 The Bro/ken <3ed", was released March 2, 2010 a product of a complete (and very very natural) reformation of the band, lots of excitement and talented new songwriters / musicians joining forces. It showcases a brand new highly elevated maturity and musical detail that the legacy that is Standard Thompson was striving for.

Though the lineup has changed, (I am the only remaining original member) we have prevailed with great people and even better ideas. ST is now stacked with creative and brilliant musical minds which include the amazing Jordan Keating on drums, the brilliant Aaron Winter on guitar, the man! Dan "Danger" Behrens on bass guitar, and producer extraordinaire, Drew Lerdal on everything else. We've been compared to acts like All American Rejects, Butch Walker and Jimmy Eat World. I hate trying to put our style in some sort of box, but since we usually love the acts we're compared to, we'll take it!

Our live show has a pretty intense energy and really fun vibe. Keep an eye on our calendar and come hang out with us.

Love you for listening! - Mike from ST


Fireworks EP - 2010
More Noise For The Broken Hearted - 2010
It Just Rained Here Yesterday - 2008
It Still Rains Here Everyday - 2005
Bittersilvermorning - 2003
Diva - 1999
Because You're Young - 1998

Set List

The Ship
More Noise For The Broken Hearted
Life Of Sunday Mornings
White Noise
Sad Girls
Leaving Season
Girls Gone
Everything You Need
Words To Get Back