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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Live Review"

First, I must admit that I expected Stand Down to be a lot like, if not identical to, the band they spawned from (Tasfuira), but I was totally surprised. They are heavier, grittier and far more experimental, and, not being someone to succumb to the nostalgia of teen angst often, I surprised myself by being completely bowled over by it. I always liked Tasfuira and didnÕt really expect them to change much of what they and their fans are used to when they reformed. And although they have still kept a hint of the punky vocals and guitar riffs that made them so popular before, it is now laced with something a bit darker that sounds like the band have grown up a bit. The new music has some brilliant key and time changes, making the music rich with variety and irresistibly listenable. The edgy riffs combined with the emotive vocals and lyrics were aggressive and compelling, and made me want to hear more. The whole sound overall is that of well practiced and well written songs, which I think is something quite uncommon with new bands. As musicians that are brilliant at starting and ending their songs faultlessly, they didnÕt disappoint me when they belted out their volatile beginnings and sudden endings that I was expecting. But now there are slow, fading, experimental ones as well, with wailing guitar effects, a deep, steady bass to back it up and drum fills with varying tempos. These experimental effects really make a difference to the songs and give them more diversity, distinguishing each one from the next. Overall I am thoroughly won over, and all scepticism I may have had has been eradicated Ð I was expecting Tasfuira remodelled, and I got something far, far better. 9/10

- East Magazine


Albums & EP's: -
Original Demo Recordings - 2008 - First Demo
Songs For Abandoned Buildings - 2008 - Debut Album

Philippine Warning Over Burma will be released early summer 2009

Radio Play
Philipping Warning Over Burma and Rise Against Me! is continually being played on various internet radio stations.



After playing in bands together since school, David Geli and Gray Fillery joined forces with Gray's brother Andrew in 2007 to form Stand Down. With an eclectic range of musical influences coming in from all three, the sound they stumbled upon is difficult to pigeon-hole but has already been likened to bands such as Biffy Clyro and The Appleseed Cast, mixing heavy bass lines, loud euphoric guitars and pounding drums all brought together by unexpectedly melodic vocal lines and varied dynamics. The main focus for forming the band was to play live and the energy and intensity of the live shows is hard to beat. Gray and Geli's previous band had managed to gather a strong local following in the South East and gave them a taste for really pushing forward when they were signed to Brighton based DIY label Killer Ska records and managed to support Capdown, Goober Patrol and Lightyear among others. They played at the London Garage and even had secured main support for The Distillers on their UK tour which sadly, The Distillers had to cancel due to 9/11. Unfortunately when Gray went travelling for a year they put the band on indefinite hiatus and when he returned the new project with Andrew was born. The bands influences range from Billy Talent to Sigur Ros, and Paradise Lost to Biffy Clyro, stopping by at Death Cab For Cutie along the way