standing behind you with knives

standing behind you with knives


The music of standing behind you with knives is intensity driven and fierce in the honesty it portrays. The instrumentation is written very diversly with powerful riffs and melodic changes, we express every aspect of the song and the differing emotions that any feeling or story portrays.


standing behind you with knives are a rare breed of musicians looking to find their place in the music industry. They have a unique style of writing and performing and have opened up for such acts as Black Dhalia Murder, White Chapel, and Mastadon. The music of standing behind you with knives lends itself to complete release, a way to breathe out the varying emotions that we as humans deal with everyday, not just anger or hate, but the whole trainwreck that makes up what we feel. They have an intense stage show where they play with true honesty. "For us it is the release of our music. the sweating after a show."



Written By: jowe herring

cause it helps to hide,
then just to feel pain

standing in the surface of a place that is unknown,
comparing myself to the likeness of desert stones,
wind, erode
change suddenly fascinated at the significance
a mirror image of the things i have buried, hid
i cant, i wont

a slight sting from the touch of gaia's breath,
tantalizing on my lonely skin,
this is what i feel my existence is,
slowly break me down, the smaller i get..

the more i feel this, i see all the truth, i get
closer to something, something protrudes,
i allude all of the advice, i stay here with you,
wait, and get, the fix of your kiss.
it just blows. it just blows.

now that i see what is or isnt behind our eyes
i still feel something but i guess im dead inside,
why does the fire burn if i am still dead inside,
now you can move to the next stone, make him dead inside,
its the nature of your essence, im sorry that your dead inside,
just sit still,
lull me to sleep,
calm words
dont notice theives,
keep me numb,must feed the beast
must feed the beast.

seeing life through the eyes
of my own neglegence,
try to figure out why,
but you always say,

its better off this way.


roy sullivan ep- 2007
i want to drown her- 2008

Set List

we usally play 45 minutes to an hour sets. typically 8 or 9 songs.