Standing Souls

Standing Souls



We all have different taste in music which lends to a wide variety of influences. Everything from metal , to funk, to jazz mixing to form our own sound. If I had to pick a genre I would choose progressive rock. But after listening to our tunes you can see the many different styles we enjoy playing and listening to.


Only You

Written By: Travis Stephenson

You said you changed. I feel the same.

It was only you. Broken pieces of the life you once knew. It was only you. Leave behind the person I once knew.

You went away. Came back estranged.

Don't pick the pieces up. Leave them where they lay. Don't pick the pieces up. Forget yesterday.

How It Feels

Written By: Travis Stephenson

Born into the lap of luxury, and to me your insolence is a waste of enegy.
Cuz you can't feel what you don't know, and you can't lead me where you won't go.

You don't know how it feels
to kiss the ground
You don't know how it feels
to be held down

Born into the hand of decadence and to you I don't make sense. and to you I don't mean shit.

The crumbs of your table fall at your feet, and you think you're generous for letting me eat. You take this all for granted. You take it all for granted.

Breaking Point

Written By: Travis Stephenson

When the rains they have subsided, and I am still here. Thats when you'll see how much I truly care. So for you...

My breaking point is far away.

As far as you can see. As deep as you can reach. Thats where your tears have reached in me. So for you...

My breaking point is far away.

You have my smile. You have my eye. You have my life. So for you...

Need To Find

Written By: Travis Stephenson

Wake up to face one more day. And the life that looks you in the eye has one day less to live. And you hate yourself cuz you can't see the perfect you will never be. And the questions we're taught not to ask just might set us free.

So I sit here by myself and wonder why. Was it me or you? Who's to blame for all we've been through?

I feel something down in the center of my soul. Questions I don't know flood into my mind. Things I can't avoid stare me in the eye. I need to find.

Why must I hide who I am inside? And why does it feel like noone here is even real? And if its truth you seek then why do you just blindly believe? And the questions we're taught not to ask just might set us free.

Why must we hide who we are inside?


Written By: Travis and Todd Stephenson

I have always seen straight through you. Perhaps more clearly than you see yourself. And this is not who you want to be. Tyrannized by your own instability.

Tell the preacher to save himself
Tell the prophet to lead his own life
Tell the teacher to open his eyes
Respect is given, not taken by pride

I guess the time we spent doesn't mean shit, and how quickly you forget, all the tears you cried and the pain you hide. Live you life in solitude. Pantomime

I will never understand your fight to defend this mound of ashes you call pride. You are always right in your own eyes, but in your life you pay the price.

How much life will you waste before you choose to embrace all these wounds unresolved? They don't just go away.

City Streets

Written By: Travis Stephenson

All alone on a crowded city street. Noone notices emotions flowign deep below. Am I just another face that blends into a crowd of those deadend souls who once felt pain? Souls who once had dreams.

Someone tell me what I'm living for. The vision I once had is fading. Someone tell me what I'm living for. There's nothing in this world that I want more.

Not alone on a quiet city street. Face to face with the man who gives all dreams. Doubts and questions arise "do you still believe in me?" He looks at me and gently smiles but there is on reply.

All alone with those who call themselves my friends. Afraid of living but not yet ready to die. Out of their regrets accusations fly "nothing ever changes and there's no need to try"

Days Go On

Written By: Todd Stephenson

Sit and stare as a few kids gather round. Noone's out tonight except for those who didn't care. Terror grips the city, warnings come to stay away. The streets are cold and empty on this lonely Hallow's eve.

and the days go on...

Walked into the room where others stood in awe. In the passing of a moment all feelings of safety were all gone. Listening to the radio, has the world lost its mind? Then I heard a song that sang I feel alive for the first time.

Who are they to make me afraid? You know we all will die sometime so why not sieze the day. A pathway lays before us, two ways that we may take. Choose the way of love or let the fear drive us to hate.

I'll Find A way

Written By: Travis and Todd Stephenson

You press on me your fearful ways. Catch a dollar and you're made. The frantic motion of your life. Winning first place in a meaningless race. and if you don't want to feell I can't make you try but...

I'll find a way

As I look upon the fields of shapeless beings taking form, the motivation sadens my soul. Survival is the deepest need. and if you don't want to feel I can't make you try but...

I'll find a way

Skin Song

Written By: Travis Stephenson

Two lives joined by things unseen. Two dreamers to follow a single dream.

You and I we are born of the sky we are banished from normal life. You and me we are made of the sea and therein lies our destiny. Earth has nothing for us, nothing for us to hold.

Sing to me a skin song, dance over my life. May your motions be laced with reckless abase, making my life worth while.

Normality is vile, it wastes my fucking time. They sit on their thrones of nothing wondering why life passes by.

Dance over me


Written By: Travis Stephenson

You are a flower damaged by the wind. First times stolen by the hand which you depend. Don't believe the lie that this is all your fault. Your pain escaped from someone else's empty heart.

You are an angel stolen by earth. This place is not your home. Search for your rebirth. This pain is not your own.

Innocence is so fraglie, like a flower in the wind. Innocence is so fragile, and you never get it back again.

We spread this disease until we recieve the healing that our souls need. I pray for you to be made new. May the future be beautiful for you.

Yuo deserve the rape you gave. But emptiness has nothing to take. Self absorbed and self defiled. How can you be justified?

The fragile life if innocence


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Set List

We play about a one hour set consiting of mostly original tunes. We usually only do one cover song which is War Pigs by Black Sabbath. On occasion we'll do a short acoustic set mixing covers and originals.