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We are a heavily 80's influenced rock band that loves to go for that big classic sound with a new twist.


There's a talented new rock band just beginning in the Charlotte scene and they're already off to a great start. Hailing from Lincolnton NC, the band is STANDOUT with both their positivity and musicianship they really do standout from the rest of the modern rock crowd.

Chris Taylor (guitar, vocals) leads the group along with Park Sipes (vocalist), Adam Ellis (drums), Mike Quals (bass, vocals) and keyboardist Jason Nantz. Despite their “under 21” ages the band has a knack for the “hair metal” of the 80's and can work up a set of covers (Van Halen, Alice In Chains, Skid Row etc.) that is surprisingly exact for a band of any age. It's no exaggeration that Taylor (who recently got a sponsorship from Splawn Amplification) can nail guitar parts, solos and all, of all the classic shredders of the day. Says Taylor “I first decided that I wanted to be a musician at the age of 6. I remember listening to Eddie Van Halen and thinking to myself, man that’s what I want to do!”. Such 80's touchstones like guitar virtuosity and big vocal harmonies make for not only faithful cover renditions, but also fuel the bands original songs.

Aiming to leave the covers behind and be known for their songwriting skills, the band has been busy writing and recording. In August 2009 Standout hooked up with veteran producer Rob Tavaglione (The Lights Fluorescent, Evelynn Rose, Bums Lie) who engineered their debut demo CD. “Better Tomorrow” leads things off with a catchy, yet powerful modern rock sound that showcases the band's positive lyrical bent and driving rhythm section. Vocalist Sipes remarks ““A lot of today’s music is so miserable and depressing that it draws a hate breed type following, but that’s not our bag. We enjoy what we do and try to convey that to an audience”.

“I Pray” finds Sipes at his best, with a sincere ballad that rapidly builds into a mid-tempo rocker. Probably the band's strongest composition yet is “Finding Home”, with a grinding 80's guitar groove, hot solo and strong vocals that perfectly balance the retro and the modern (in a way that would be right at home on modern rock radio).

Standout recently enjoyed a big performance at the annual Apple Festival in downtown Lincolnton, where the band played to over 1500 enthusiastic fans. A following showcase proved that the group already has fine stage presence, a well executed show and that they've honed their craft. Expect to see the band doing regional dates, with their demo CD for sale and a full slate of merchandise available at the shows.

Says Taylor “My goal for this band, is to present a fresh new sound, that's melodic, positive, 80’s style Rock ‘n Roll ... with a mainstream touch”. So keep your eyes open for Standout, a young band with the chops, the pipes, the showmanship and the songs to go far.

VAN HALEN, Ratt, Warrant, Extreme, Skid Row, Journey, Dokken, Foreigner, Winger, Whitesnake, Def Leppard, AC/DC, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jams


Single: Better Tomorrow
Demo (album): Better Tomorrow, I Pray, Finding Home

Set List

80's Rock
Song list
Aint Talkin Bout Love-(Van Halen)
Panama-(Van Halen)
Separate Ways-(Journey)
Round and Round-(Ratt)
Youth Gone Wild-(Skid Row)
Man in the Box-(Alice in Chains)
You’ve Got Another Thing Comin-(Judas Priest)
Mama I’m Coming Home-(Ozzy)
You Give Love a Bad Name-(Bon Jovi)
Nothin but a Good Time-(Poison)
River of Love-(Lynch Mob)
Kryptonite-(3 Doors Down)
Even Flow-(Pearl Jam)
Better Tomorrow-(STANDOUT) original
I Pray-(STANDOUT) original
Finding Home-(STANDOUT) original