Stand Out Family

Stand Out Family

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Stand Out Records is a group of five young men that are on fire for the Lord and are determined to effectivey reach the minds, hearts, and souls of America's youth through gospel rap.


Stand Out Records is a group of five young men that love the Lord. Their passion for Christ and hip hop as well, is what brings them together and to rap for the Lord. They call themselves “Stand Out” because as Christians we are called to stand out and shine as lights in the world, and that’s exactly what Speedygunz, Breeez, and the 1st Infantry are doing as they minister to the saved and unsaved through gospel rap.

The Stand Out family is just beginning to get started on their quest to win souls and make disciples. With two album releases in a period of 7 months, Stand Out is planting many seeds in their hometown of Portland, Oregon and also in Houston, TX where Speedygunz, Breeez, and God’s Child of 1st Infantry attend school at Texas Southern University. Please believe they are reaping many blessings due to their faith, hard work, and diligence as they strive to reach a broken generation that is heavily influenced by secular hip hop. A culture that misleads our youth towards the vanity of sexual freedom and the idolatry of the love for material possessions.

Speedygunz and Breeez are the Co-C.E.O.’s and are also artists and producers. They are best friends and have known each other since the 1st grade. They both have been producing for about four years now. When they first started out they were not saved yet and were set on establishing their own label called Underworld Ent., but the Lord had other plans. Breeez had given his life to Christ his junior year in high school in January 2002 and two months later Speedy had also given his life to Christ and that was the beginning of Stand Out Records.

The 1st Infantry (Shyne Star, God’s Child, and Wattz) officially became a collective group in April of 2004. Shyne Star and Breeez first met a Mt. Olivet Baptist church and have been doing music with each other for the past four years. Wattz went to elementary school with Breeez and Speedy. God’s Child went to high school with Breeez and Speedy. Eventually the three hooked up through their mutual friendships and have been a blessing to others and each other ever since.

Furthermore, the Stand Out family will continue to grow in their spirituality and their musicianship so that they may effectively reach the minds, hearts, and souls of America’s youth. It is not just their reasonable service, but God has commissioned them, as well as all followers of Christ to win souls and make disciples.

We attend Mt.Olivet Baptist Church in Portland, Oregon where our pastor is Dr. James E. Martin.



Written By: 1st Infantry

Verse 1(Shyne Star)
Have u ever heard a song like this/Have u ever heard young christians spit it like this/Have u ever been lied on talked about cheated/ O the smile up in ya face behind ya back they stabbin/Have u ever felt like givin up man/See times so hard u cant take it no more/Have u felt like takin yo life/wit a knife or a pill or jumpin off a bridge/What u kno about my man Jesus Christ/If u dont let me tell u like Jesus he lives/In my mind and my body/Not blind that the devil tryin to test I did my homework so i'm passin/Any obstacles that he try to throw my way/Cant u see that Im free and Im saved(Yeah)/Cant u see that Im blessed wit a gift/Thats why Im thankin the lord and im winnin these souls/

We came to please em right our saviour Jesus Christ/We liftin reachin like(I'm Free I'm Saved)/
Long as the beat is hot our lyrics preachin right/Leave satan speechless like(I'm Free I'm Saved)/
We came to lift his name we came to praise his name/And everybody say(I'm Free I'm Saved)/
If u aint scared right to lift yo hands high/Then everybody(I'm Free I'm Saved)/

Verse 2(Gods Child)
Yo I gotta praise his name cause im changed and free/Aim to please cause life aint the same for me/Sanctified go head satan aim at me/Cause christ shed his blood put his name on me/Yo I seen everything I could focus my pupils on/Drugs to lies seen men abuse my moms/Best friends changed fist fights that bruised my palms/Only throu J.C. I kept my cool my calm/Use to wanna be a wanksta wit crews and arms/But know I live a life to the tune of psalms/I got saved G.C. paid dues along/Time ago spit gospel every music song/Know my faith is enthused and strong/Rising like the sunrise when it bruise the dawn/Its Marcell, Jum, and Shawn/A.K.A Shyne, Wattz, and G.C. and we the 1st Infantry yeah!/


Verse 3(Wattz)
Think Back to the time when u didnt have nothin/Prayin to the lord cuz u was tired of all your sufferin/Do u remember when, way back then it was struggle/And i know it I been thru it plenty times befo/I gave my life to Christ and I never look back/Cant give no oppurtunity for the enemy to attack/Because ive done so good and so well for so long/My doin would be in vein if i didnt hold on/Is u hearin or is u hearin what im sayin to u/If not baby boy i still be prayin for u/Keepin u in my dreams keepin u up in my thoughts/Hopefully one day you'll walk away from that life that u livin/And understand its only one life that your given/If u live it right u can be on stage/Like Shyne, Child, Me we free and saved/Tryin to save as many souls befo we see our grave

Chorus 2x


2004 - Stand Out Records Presents: Tha Compilation Vol 1.

2003 - Speedygunz solo LP
Krucial Testiomony

Coming Summer 2005 - 1st Infantry Freshman LP
Ready For War/Spiritual Warfare

Set List

We do not have a typical set list. We have had sets that have lasted in the range of 10-45 minutes. We are just grateful for the opportunities that we have to be able to minister to others at different churches and venues.