Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP

A new way to understand rock in Spanish, far
away from any reference, brave and convincing.


After ten years it’s getting harder and harder to find an old times
fan in their shows. And it’s not because he’s not there, he’s just lost in
the crowd. He’s still there because Standstill has been “adding”, in all the
meanings of the word, at the same time than developing their well-known
creativity, energy and credibility. After having played over and over,
toured Europe more than ten times, having been part of a prestigious
theatre company and even having directed their own performances,
Standstill live is considered as probably the best and more personal in
Spain, maybe in Europe.
Today, the band, focused on the presentation of their new album,
can be proud of having been able to re-invent themselves succesfully in
every album, as their always increasing audience prove. During the
years they’ve managed to mix, in the same concert, hardcore kids,
rockers, popies, heavies, arties and indie people. Maybe this proves that
intensity and honesty don’t speak labels language, nor trends. Brutality in
“The ionic spell” (2001) was previous to the eclectic rock in “Memories
collector” (2002) and then the deep “Standstill” (2004) brought the
change of language into Spanish.
After “Vivalaguerra” (2006), an album that we could consider,
since the releasing day, as one of the most complete and disturbing
albums of these years. A new way to understand rock in Spanish, far
away from any reference, brave and convincing. That is, the old times
fan is still astonished every time they ‘re on a stage. And then he
explains to all those new followers that the greatness of this band is
beyond styles, sounds and languages, and that he’s there after ten years
just because these guys are unusually talented.
“Adelante Bonaparte” (2010) is the latest release by standstill.


“The tide” 1998
Ep/mCd by Heart in hand / D.I.Y. (Spain)
”The ionic spell” 2001
Lp/Cd by Bcore (Spain)/ Defiance (Germany) /
Level Plane (U.S.A.)
”Standstill & Engrave split” 2001
7” by Defiance
”Memories collector” 2002
Lp/Cd by Bcore/ Defiance / Silver tree (U.S.A).
“The latest kiss” 2003
Ep/mCd by Bcore/ Defiance
“Standstill” 2004
Lp/Cd by Bcore/ Defiance
“Vivalaguerra” 2006
Cd by Buena Suerte (Spain)
“Adelante Bonaparte” 2010
Cd by Buena Suerte (Spain)