Stands With Fists

Stands With Fists


Hardcore Theatrical Crowd Pounding Metal. A Mix Between Tool and Deftones. The large crowds are always involved with Stands With Fists


Stands With Fists main focus is to deliver the world a 10 chapter epic music story titled "The Time Capsule" Based on Fact, Fiction, Science and Religion Therefor putting there stamp on music history for generations to come. Each major release consist of dual cd's, One chapter will contain diverse heavy music and the other chapter will be defined by psychedelic and soft music.One DVD "Stands With Fists T.V" will always be part of the experience, Witch will encompass both chapters for your visual enjoyment.


Radio Single-Volcanic
Radio Single-Magma
LPs Title Molten
Streaming and Radio Airplay across USA-Japan-Germany-Austria-UK
Average Airplay around 200hr a week

Set List

Sets are around 35-55min.