Stan Flowers/songwriter

Stan Flowers/songwriter

 Villa Rica, Georgia, USA

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Gretchen Wilson for President

Written By: Stan Flowers

Write me in next year for president
let me reunite these states
We need redneck woman experience
and I got what it takes
I got grit if they wanna get rowdy
Ill bring the beer if we can get along
Vote Gretchen Wilson for president
and we'll keep our business right here at home.

I got a plan for high gas prices
kills two birds with one stone
let the middle east eat their oil supply
and we'll keep our corn at home.
We'll make fuel from white corn liquor
give our farmers work at last
We'll be a self sufficient nation again
and tell the world to kiss our ass!

Repeat Chorus

While the world seeks mass destruction
weapons on their mind.
I got a plan thats tried and tested
for a war of a different kind.
The let men rule most countries
and he's got one weakness for sure
Its amazing what a thong can do
when its used like a fishing lure.

Repeat CH

We'll have world summitt bonfires
every year here in the states.
cause when the tailgate drops the bullcrap stops
you gotta put up or shut your face.
If we still can't settle things man to man
then we'll do the next best thing.
We'll back'em up bumper to bumper
and drag out a logging chain.

Repeat Ch

Ending. Vote Gretchen Wilson for president ya'll... Yee Haw!