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Southampton, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Southampton, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Duo Americana Country




"Single Review - Letters"

There is a lot of talking going on among the country music fans regarding the integrity of country music and whether it is or it isn’t still all about the song. The arguments are valid, however if you dig just a little deeper than the mainstream and travel across the pond to the UK you’ll find Stanford, the duo made up of Terry and Rachael Muller who are ready to release their powerful debut single “Letters.” The duo’s harmonies captivate you during the intro as the lace over the simplicity of the stripped down acoustic based instrumentation. Rachael takes the leads as the heavy lyric begins to unfold presenting a strong message of how an abusive relationship between mother and boyfriend can affect a child watching from the shadows. The lyrics continue to describe that long-lasting affect while also moving the song forward with lines like “The eye of a child can see more than you know, those pictures still tear at my mind don’t you know,” while in the chorus we see that the child has turned out just like her mother as she sings “I could tell you it’s better in unwritten letters I ain’t gonna send, but mama I’ve grown up just like you.” This is songwriting the way that it is supposed to be. The country feel of the melody balances right on the edge of folk while the lyrics are crafted in perfect ways that they never actually state what it is they are singing about, but they instead paint a perfect picture of it and leave it open to the listener interpretation. This is a very compelling start for Stanford and certainly a song that will earn them attention and create the initial buzz for them. - One Stop Country

"Introducing Stanford"

The UK Country scene continues to prove that there is a whole host of homegrown talent ready to make an impact with the ever-growing audience. With their debut single 'Letters' set for release on 15th August, duo Stanford are the latest act about to make their mark. Consisting of songwriters and instrumentalists Terry 'Blackjaz' Muller and Rachael Muller, Stanford hail from south Hampshire and boast an impressive CV of material having been recorded by other acts. Now is the time for the two to step forward and present their own interpretations of their music to an eager UK Country fanbase.

'Letters' is a fascinating debut release, and an incredibly impressive one at that. With a rich acoustic feel and boasting tight harmonies from the duo, the track has real heart and a feeling of authenticity. Rachael takes lead vocals duties and proves to have a strong and appealing voice, which suits the material perfectly. Lyrically the song carries a great deal more weight than the listener may expect from an introductory offering from a new act, dealing with the long-term impact that an abusive relationship can have on a child who has seen her mother suffer. Stanford deserve a healthy dose of respect for starting as they mean to go on with strong song-writing that carries real emotion. 'Letters' marks the duo out as one to keep an eager eye on, a sumptuous song that definitely hints at a rich vein of further material to come.
Stanford are currently in the midst of their 'Open Ended 2014' tour of the UK, primarily based in the south, but I understand that plans may be afoot to expand this further north. The duo continue to work on new material so catching them live at one of their shows presents the perfect opportunity to hear more of what Rachael and Terry plan to release in the future. If 'Letters' is anything to go by, UK Country fans should be very excited at the thought of Stanford hitting their stride and delivering up further gems.

'Letters' is due for release on 15th August. Keep in touch with Stanford via their website / Facebook / Twitter ) - New Country UK

"Letters - Review"

SINGLE REVIEW: 'Letters' by Stanford
Monday, July 21, 2014
Jonathan Frahm

Sewn right into our patriotic roots, country music has long been a staple of American culture -- at least as long as toasted bread has!

George Jones, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson and Mr. Johnny Cash are but a few of the legendary voices whose Southern croons have permanently altered the world of music with their revolutionary ways. Meanwhile, artists like Garth Brooks, George Strait, Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood are paving the way for solid country music in the modern era. However, what if I told you that some of the most innovative music in country today is going to be coming from out of a British duo?

...Because it is. Enter Stanford: a new roots duo straight from the United Kingdom. Comprised of lead vocalist Rachel Muller and multi-instrumentalist and backing vocalist Terry "Blackjaz" Muller, the duo aim to return country music to a purer place than where most of the popular stuff has been in current years.

If their debut single, entitled "Letters", is anything to go by, the Mullers will succeed in their vision. This ain't no party-onnin', frumma red solo cup-drinkin', boot-clackin', truck-drivin' "bro country", this is the country that had made country a well-received genre in the first place. This is a slow-burning, introspective song with a hefty set of values in its lyrics delivered pristinely through the arrangement designed and delivered by the duo with a clear reverie in mind.

Rachel is a competent, if not impeccable, vocalist with a tone suited perfectly to garnering attention from both old and new country fans alike; harking back on that "golden era" with a delivery as smooth as honey with just enough twang to stylize the track nicely without seeming overwhelming. Terry, on the other hand, harmonizes perfectly with her, and with that trait alongside his knack for picking all sorts of strings and banging all sorts of drums, he's an strong asset that emphasizes upon and adds to her sound incredibly well.

The fact that this is a duo is enough to raise enough eyebrows in and of itself. As far as today's country scene goes, only The Swon Brothers are filling that role on the scene right now, and they sure could use some good company. As it turns out, Stanford- yes, from the UK -are just right for the job. Look forward to "Letters" when it makes its global downloadable debut on August 15! - Jonathon Frahm

"Open Ended EP Review"

With their debut single "Letters," UK based duo Stanford Road introduced us to their incredible harmonies, strong musicianship, and the integrity they carry into their songwriting. The single more than intrigued us and left us wanting more. With the release of their EP Open Ended, they continue to showcase the aspects of their music that initially attracted us to them, while they also show us the much broader scope of what they bring to the table as well. The catchiness of "So Wrong" gets your foot tapping with the rhythm as the lyric tells the story of two people in love that everyone thinks are wrong for one another, when in fact they couldn't be more perfect as you hear through lines that speak of just how well they work together like "It's been nearly 7 years.” They continue showcasing their range with the driving tempo of "Independence Highway" and their unique cover version of the Brooks & Dunn/Reba McEntire hit "Cowgirls Don't Cry," the latter which brings a familiarity to the album but also sees the duo giving it an organic feel that makes it their own. Their voices are distinctive from one another, but a defining characteristic of Stanford Road is their proven ability to blend them together in all of the perfect ways to elevate the songs. You can call this Americana, you can call it country, or call it singer/songwriter, but at the end of the day we’ll just call it well worth a listen. - One Stop Country Nashville

"The Messenger Review (9/10)"

Last November I was introduced to the UK country group Stanford Road. The band is made up of the husband-wife duo Terry Muller and Rachael Muller. For those who don’t remember, they call themselves Stanford Road because that was the name of the street they met each other and lived as neighbors. Their Open Ended EP they released last November was a very good collection of music. Today I look at their brand new single “The Messenger,” to see if they can deliver good music again.

The song starts off with some soft acoustic guitar play and this is the only instrumentation used throughout the song. It only rises and lowers in tempo in the appropriate spots. I like this singer-songwriter, stripped down approach Stanford Road uses in their music. Many times with country music “less is more” is usually true and this something I’m always screaming at mainstream acts when I’m reviewing another overproduced offering from them. It also makes great sense for a duo, especially a duo like this that writes their own songs, because a great duo is always defined by their harmonies and balance of vocals.

As for the theme and lyrics, the song is set in a time of war and how someone deals with the bad news brought to them by the messenger boy. The lyrics that stood out to me in this song are when Rachael crooned:

“The beautiful solider, married a year/She wanted to hold you forever and keep you near/Oh won’t you stop, why can’t you wait?/Don’t want you breaking news today/Give them tonight or let the truth be a lie/Messenger boy you’ll never destroy this place of hallowed ground.”

The woman in the song is struggling to come to grips with the reality of her situation and realize that she has lost the love of her life to the war. She hopes it is all a lie and doesn’t want the messenger boy to deliver the news that will tear down her walls. The “hallowed ground” refers to the love between the husband and wife that is now destroyed because the husband died in the war. Rachael’s vocals do a fantastic job of expressing the somber and dark mood of this song. While it took me a few listens to really grasp this song, once I did grasp what this song is about it definitely makes you feel the pain and sorrow of the woman in the song.

Stanford Road once again delivers with “The Messenger.” It’s a song filled with emotion that will certainly move most listeners. The lyrics are simple, yet very effective. The instrumentation drives the mood of this song perfectly. Both Terry and Rachael harmonize well together, most notably on the chorus when they sing the word “hallowed” together to really set the tone of this song. I would definitely recommend checking out Stanford Road’s “The Messenger.” Country music needs more heartfelt songs like this one.
Grade: 9/10 - Country Perspective

"'If You Want Me' Single Review"

One of the UKs finest country duo`s Stanford Road have been rapidly making a name for themselves not only here in the UK but also in the United States.

They had great success with their EP Open Ended and to build on the momentum they are now close to releasing a full album Two Wrongs From Right. A new single called He Sure Knew How To Party is due to be released on 7th of September 2015 and you can get a taste of this song by visiting Stanford Roads website.

Stanford Road – If You Want Me - single taken from the new album Two Wrongs From Right

August 10, 2015

Graham Barnes

One of the UKs finest country duo`s Stanford Road have been rapidly making a name for themselves not only here in the UK but also in the United States.

They had great success with their EP Open Ended and to build on the momentum they are now close to releasing a full album Two Wrongs From Right. A new single called He Sure Knew How To Party is due to be released on 7th of September 2015 and you can get a taste of this song by visiting Stanford Roads website.

So what can Stanford Road fans expect from the new material?

To give a little bit of an insight on what we can expect Terry and Rachel have kindly sent me a track from the album titled If You Want Me and this song will be available for download from their website on the 23rd August 2015

If You Want Me if you are familiar with Stanford Roads work, you would no doubt be expecting a beautifully composed and performed song. And you would be correct in that assumption Terry and Rachel have a great chemistry between them and the music and harmonised vocals roll together like a well-oiled machine.

If You Want Me has a real pleasant feel to it, the catchy guitar driven rhythm blending in to Rachel`s vocals perfectly with Terry harmonising on the chorus and key parts of the song. This track ticks all of the Stanford Road boxes it has great lyrics and their trademark unique clean fresh sound.

The song is about trying to rekindle love and rebuild a relationship the subject is delicately handled and the song tells it perfectly.

“I would be there in a heartbeat, if you want me.”

With this track and the demo on their website giving a tantalising glimpse of what is waiting for us on Two Wrongs From Right the release date surely cannot come too soon. I am sure most UK country fans will be eagerly anticipating adding this album to their music collections. - Englefield Country Music radio

"Interview with Stanford Road"

Tonight I bring you an interview I did just a couple of weeks ago with some new friends of mine, Country duo, Stanford Road. I first met this duo at one of the Country nights I organised where they came and opened the show for us. Their songs are top class Country songs delivered by two beautiful voices that intertwine perfectly together. Their passion for the genre is clear, and the stories they tell are true. It was an honour to have them perform at our Country night and I hope we can have them back soon! Please read more about them and their music below and don’t forget to check out their music at the links below... - Best British Country Music

"Open Ended EP Review"

UK duo Stanford Road first came to our attention back in August, ahead of the release of their debut single ‘Letters’, and were featured in an ‘Introducing…’ article on the predecessor to this website. In the months that have followed the double-act comprising of Terry ‘Blackjaz’ Muller and Rachael Muller have forged a blossoming career on the UK Country scene. The first leg of their ‘Open Ended 2014’ tour dates seemingly giving them a real opportunity to connect with lovers of the genre in a whole host of UK towns. Stanford Road describe themselves as a ‘true grit songwriting superduo’ which certainly seems to fit the bill, with a pleasing authentically rootsy feel to their music.

Last month saw the release of ‘Open Ended’ the debut EP from Terry & Rachael, available directly from their website and featuring five tracks showcasing their impressive talents. Included on the EP is the previously mentioned first single ‘Letters’, which sounds just as wonderful now as it did earlier in the year. Our original thoughts on ‘Letters’ remain valid, these saw the track described as ‘a fascinating debut release, and an incredibly impressive one at that. With a rich acoustic feel and boasting tight harmonies from the duo, the track has real heart and a feeling of authenticity. Rachael takes lead vocals duties and proves to have a strong and appealing voice, which suits the material perfectly. Lyrically the song carries a great deal more weight than the listener may expect from an introductory offering from a new act, dealing with the long-term impact that an abusive relationship can have on a child who has seen her mother suffer.’

‘So Wrong’ again features the two voices blending wonderfully and a down-home acoustic flavour, but is a joyous three minutes plus of a toe-tapper. Describing an enduring love affair, doubted by those around the couple initially, but which has gone on to prove the naysayers ‘so wrong’. Lighter in tone than the opening track it gives Rachael the opportunity to have a dash more fun with her lead vocals, which feeds through to the listener. Big, throaty electric guitar chords kick driving track (no pun intended!) ‘Independence Highway’ in to life, but the duo wisely keep their harmonies well up in the mix. Joining together for most of the track, occasionally trading solo lines, the two add the required drama to the atmosphere of the song with Terry particularly shining. With its’ powerful ‘on and on‘ refrain and persuasive strumming it sounds tailor-made to ignite the crowd at live shows.

Moving ballad ‘Fools Comfort’ tells of a failing relationship, and the realisation for one of the pairing that ‘your love is a fools comfort, that you let me believe. Nothing but a fools comfort, and its making a fool out of me‘. Wonderfully written and tenderly performed, it is Stanford Road at their very best, packed full of emotion. The final track on the EP is a cover version of ‘Cowgirls Don’t Cry’, a song previously released by fellow duo Brooks and Dunn (their final single release) which also featured Reba McEntire. Stripping the song down to two voices and an acoustic guitar works sublimely, allowing Terry & Rachael to make their own unique mark on an inspired choice of a cover version.

The UK Country scene is currently hitting a rich vein of form, slowly but surely gaining wider recognition spearheaded by a couple of more prominently placed duos. Stanford Road deserve to be added to the list of fresh, upcoming acts re-invigorating homegrown Country music. All of the elements are there – strongly written songs, sumptuous harmonies and a big helping of heart, all of which are clearly displayed throughout their ‘Open Ended’ EP. What Terry & Rachael also have is a sound that makes them stand out from the crowd, that ‘true grit’ they claim to have is there in abundance, grounding their musical style in the tradition of the genre. Stanford Road are at the beginning of a long and rewarding journey in Country music, it makes sense for you to get on board now. - New Country UK

"Open Ended EP Review"

I have been lucky enough to be asked to review the soon to be released EP “Open Ended” by Stanford Road, a Country/Americana duo made up of husband and wife Terry and Rachael Muller. I am going to be honest here and say that I had never heard Stanford Road’s music before doing this review. They hadn’t crossed my admittedly limited radar during the fairly short time I’ve been into country music or maybe I should say, more specifically, UK country music.

I spotted them recently becoming quite active on Twitter and straight away liked the way they relate to other artists and their fans/followers. They seem like an extremely cool and fun couple who are genuinely excited to have recorded this latest EP and who are going over to Nashville in the not too distant future to promote their work.

When I spotted on their Nashville itinerary that they are playing at the legendary “Bluebird Café” which is high on my must visit music venues then I was hooked – I had to find out more about this duo. So here goes.


This track was their debut single which came out in August 2014 and was received well both here and in Nashville. It features fabulous lead vocals from Rachael ably backed up with complimentary harmonies from Terry. The main instrument used being the mandolin. It has a very haunting feel to it and tells the story of a girl growing up to make the same mistakes as her mother in terms of the man she chooses to spend her life with. I like it a lot and think it was a smart choice for release as a single.

"So Wrong"

This is such a catchy tune, a chirpy little number. A track to get you up onto your feet and dancing like you are at a good ol’ country ho-down. It would make a great follow-up single to Letters. It has a very commercial sounding quality to it and I’m sure would command lots of airplay on country radio on both sides of the pond.

"Independence Highway"

As soon as this track starts I feel as though I am sitting on the set of an old Western Film. I am on a dirt track in the middle of nowhere in the Wild West watching this story unfold. Both Terry and Rachael sing but it is Terry’s almost angst-ridden vocals that add the edgy, almost frantic feel to this track. He has a very original voice and it suits the mood of this song perfectly. Rachael’s vocals are of course fantastic.

"Fool's Comfort"

This is such a sad song. A song about love and loss. The lyrics are so beautiful and it is performed in a wonderfully stripped back way suiting the content of the song perfectly. It is a story of a relationship that has come to an end and it is heart-breaking. Striking in its simplicity this song leaves me thinking about it long after the song has finished.

"Cowgirls Don't Cry"

What a great title for a song and a fantastic cover of a Brooks & Dunn Classic!! I was in before it even started. The song itself does not disappoint. It kicks off with some beautiful guitar picking closely followed by haunting vocals and strong lyrics that paint a powerful picture of a girl who learns her life lessons from her strong and loving father whilst he is teaching her how to ride. His last words to her were “Cowgirls Don’t Cry”. A truly moving song.

I found this EP to be diverse and original. It displays incredibly sharp songwriting skills and features the most stunning vocals and musicianship. It makes me want to hear more of their work and I know that hearing these songs live would be just incredible. I wish them well for the release of this EP and hope that their tour of Nashville throws up more exciting opportunities for them. I hope they do a tour of the UK before too long which will hopefully include Scotland in its itinerary. I will definitely do my up-most to go see Stanford Road as soon as possible. I hope you do too. - W21 Music



STANFORD ROAD are setting the bar for UK bred Americana songwriting

STANFORD ROAD is the songwriting superduo comprising of multi-talented performers, instrumentalists and writers - Terry 'Blackjaz' Muller and Rachael Muller.

Singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Terry 'Blackjaz' Muller's successes have included a recording and publishing deal which saw his original songs distributed across the UK, North America and Europe. An exceptional performer, Terry has had the honour of guesting with numerous musicians throughout his career.

Rachael Muller is a songwriter, vocalist, composer and  playwright whose work has been reproduced on both stage and film. She has written for, and performed with live pop acts and theatre companies and has had her writing showcased as one of the UK's freshest and most original emerging writers.

STANFORD ROAD, whose name is taken from the street where Rachael and Terry first met and lived as neighbours before marrying in 2011, released their debut single 'Letters' worldwide in August 2014.  It received airplay in the US, UK, Europe and Scandinavia captivating their growing fanbase with the depth of their songwriting.  The pair released their debut EP 'Open Ended' in February 2015 and are currently recording their album 'Two Wrongs From Right'.  Their most recent single releases were 'If You Want Me' & 'He Sure Knew How To Party' the latter of which was quickly added, on rotation, on various country music radio stations.


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