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The best kept secret in music


"Stangs set for Steel City"

PHOENIXVILLE - Making their return to tape a live performance at the Steel City Coffee House will be pop singer/songwriter Jenn Stang and the power rock trio Stang at 8:30 tonight.

According to Jenn Stang, she and her brother Emmett, who leads Stang, are looking forward to their second trip to Phoenixville.

"We're extremely excited about returning to Phoenixville," said Jenn. "The first time around was great. We had an awesome, welcoming audience. It was a very special night and a really good time. The performance went well and there were good feelings all around. We're glad about coming back and the staff there took really good care of us."

"It was amazing our first time here," said Emmett. "It was one of our best gigs ever."

The Stang siblings, who initially collaborated in songwriting in their youth, have amicably gone their separate ways in their careers. While Jenn focuses on a solo pop career, Emmett has founded a trio based on power rock.

"My brother and I work together and have collaborated on some things," said Jenn. "I kept my own name and he uses our last name for his trio. It's a little confusing sometimes, but it makes sense to us."

"I had no songwriting experience at the time, so I worked with my sister in songwriting," said Emmett. "After a year or two, I wanted to see what it would be like to do music all on my own, 100 percent creativity. We still help each other out, we don't shut each other out."

Ironically, both Jenn Stang and Stang are each releasing a live CD and DVD, all of which are titled "Live! At The Grape Street Philadelphia." They will each be performing tracks from these new CDs at Steel City.

They've come a long way from their early years, when Jenn and Emmett each took up the violin before discovering their true instruments of passion.

"I tried the violin for two weeks but didn't like it," said Jenn. "My true first instrument was the piano, which I began playing at four. I studied classical piano until 17, and then I took up jazz piano. I like how I can feel the notes and know where I'm going with a song. I'm comfortable that way, sitting there and finding new ways to make sounds."

"I began playing violin at three, and then I turned the violin over like a guitar," said Emmett. "I began playing 'Brown Sugar' by The Rolling Stones, so my father said, 'We'd better get him a guitar.' I began with classical guitar lessons, and then I developed a rock sound. I love playing the guitar. It's the fact that I'm manipulating something to make a sound, and a guitar is my outlet."

Residing in Media for the past eight years, the siblings Stang have lived in Europe, South America and Canada. The former Canadians recently earned their U.S. citizenship.

While growing up with a wide range of music from Bach and Mozart to The Doors and Led Zeppelin, Jenn, 19, and Emmett, 17, have different musical influences.

"I draw my inspiration from a lot of different things, like literature and history," said Jenn. "I get different vibes from different places, so if I go to California, I write some songs about there. Sometimes little things are written into song."

"Everything from Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, The Police and Sting," said Emmett. "Also, Peter Gabriel and Jimmy Bruno, whom I actually studied with several years ago."

As his sister was developing her solo career, Emmett said he began working on finding his bandmates.

"I started in the studio, and was writing songs and laying them down on tracks," said Emmett. "Before I know it, I had an album's worth, and from there, it was getting the right guys to join. I did a lot of searches through the Philadelphia area, and through a lot of contacts, Jimmy Coleman (drums) and Kevin Vecchione (bass) were a part of that. When we first started playing together, I could tell that they had their own style and if we put all of them together, we could have something magnificent. Jimmy originally was backing Jen, but then he fit in nicely with what I had going on."

- Dennis Wright - Phoenixville News

"Double Billing of Jenn Stang and STANG"

The double billing of Jenn Stang and Stang at Grape Street Philadelphia on Tuesday (Apr. 5) is not a typographical error but an interesting study in contrasts.

Transplants from Canada, Jenn Stang is an artfully ambitious, 19-year-old pop chanteuse (think Tori Amos, Kate Bush) while ...

Stang is a dynamic, hard-rocking power trio fronted by her two-years-younger brother Emmet Stang, a guitar god in the making.

Both siblings have polished new "Live at the Grape Street" concert CDs and companion DVDs(!) to introduce at Tuesday, Apr. 5th's release party and mini-show (Grape Street Philadelphia, 4100 Main St., 8 p.m., free, 215-483-7084,
- Philly News - Jonathan Takiff - April 1, 2005

"Let's Rock"

Two concerts remind us of one reason rock is inspiring: You can learn an instrument, form a band, emulate sounds you love or make your own - and you never know what will happen. Maybe something wonderful.

SIBLING ROCK. Back in the day, where we're from, all you needed to get a party going was Mikey Parker's brother's band, a garage, and a place for them to plug in.

Continuing in that spirit are Jenn Stang, 19, and her 17-year-old brother, Emmett (though they're way more talented than Mike Park's brother, who no longer has a band, but is doing all right running his family's farm.) The transplanted Toronto siblings are celebrating new alblums, both called Live! At the Grape Street Philadelphia.

Emmett, a guitar hero in the tradition of Eddie Van Halen and Alvin Lee, fronts a power trio called STANG. His sound hards back to the best of arena rock, with elements of jazz mixed in with his shredding solos.

Pianist and singer JENN STANG takes an artier approach, melding Celtic and Eastern European influences into finely crafted, ethereal anthems.

The Pair celebrate their new CD's at -- where else? - The Grape Street Philadelphia, 4100 Main St., at 8pm Tuesday, Admission is free. Call 215-483-7084

-- Michael Harrington
- The Philadelphia Inquirer - Michael Harrington - April 3d, 2005

"Siblings Serenade Grape Street"

By Nina Scimenes
Published: Thursday, April 14, 2005

Lively new music was performed at the CD release party of Jenn Stang and Emmett Stang. Talent runs in the family of these two young aspiring artists.

The Grape Street Philadelphia in Manayunk hosted the night with an open bar, hors d'ouvres and a comfortable atmosphere. The crowd was very enthusiastic for the performance to begin, since the audience was witnessing the music of both artists for the first time.
The CDs released were prerecorded live performances at the Grape Street Pub in Philadelphia. Two nights in December, the siblings took stage with a mission in mind. The music was taken to the studio and edited to create two CDs and two DVDs.

Jenn Stang was first to perform with her younger brother, Emmett, 17, backing her up on the guitar. Jenn is only 20 years old, but one would never know her youth because of her mature voice and large tonal range of sounds. "She sounds great. Her music is a cross between Tori Amos and Fleetwood Mac," said a fan in attendance.Jenn includes a lot of influences from past experiences. Her family has lived in South America, Europe and Canada. Her music has a lot of soul in it and is pleasant to listen to.

Emmett Stang was second to take the stage at the Grape Street Philadelphia and rocked the place. Compared to his sister's music, it would fall in the category of a more rock genre. He has been in love with music since childhood and plans to pursue a professional career that will take him places. His fingers move so gracefully on the strings of the guitar and he makes it look easy.

Aside from their last name, Jenn and Emmett also share the same bass player. His talent helps bring their music to life. A bass player can either make or break a band. His music was the backbone to both performances.

This significant night marks the first time for both to have a CD out to the public. The work that they have put into this night has reflected their seriousness about their music.

No better arrangements could have been made with the Grape Street Philadelphia.Outside of the stage area there was an arrangement of tables that were full of promotional giveaways from local establishments such as Lucky Brand Jeans of Manayunk. Everyone in attendance was fortunate to walk away with a free copy of two CDs: "Jenn Stang" and "Stang."
- Loquitor - Student Weekly Newspaper of Cabrini College, PA


STANG - Live at the Grape Street Philadelphia - April 5th CD release

STANG - Live at the Grape Street Philadelphia - April 5th DVD release


Feeling a bit camera shy


STANG is a brawny Philadelphia power trio with a sonically potent delivery, unforgettable lyrics and a new young guitar hero as its ferocious leader.

With 18-year-old guitar whiz Emmett Stang out front, STANG delivers an explosive fusion of styles - from rock to world music – to both the stage and the studio. Having played non-stop around the Greater Philadelphia area since its formation last year, it’s the live aspect of STANG that brings the band to its recorded debut, LIVE! AT THE … GRAPE STREET PHILADELPHIA, being simultaneously released as a live CD and DVD on Stairway Records. Clearly, STANG’s live reputation for energetic and dynamic sets comes into focus. Indeed, the band consistently achieves resonance with its audiences, no matter how subtle or dramatic the vibe in the room steers a particular performance.

Emmett has been possessed by the transcendent contributions of Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen and Steve Ray Vaughan since he was 11, when the Toronto transplant stopped his classical guitar training and went electric, with a singular devotion to rock.

He has never looked back.

As his songwriting has continued to develop, Emmett’s guitar playing has absorbed a unique jazz seasoning, courtesy of his mentor, jazz guitar great Jimmy Bruno. In the process, Emmett’s influences have deepened, with lasting exposure to the likes of John Coltrane, Brian Wilson and Paco de Lucia.

Flanked by Kevin Vecchione on bass and vocals, and Jimmy Coleman on drums, Emmett has assembled a band that has the Delaware Valley tuning in and turning out on almost any given night.

Kevin has toured the world, supporting Eddie Van Halen, Billy Sheehan, Marty Friedman and Zakk Wylde Jimmy has worked with two of today’s hottest rising soul-drenched voices – John Legend and Amos Lee.

LIVE AT THE … GRAPE STREET PHILADELPHIA was produced by Skip Drinkwater (Moby, Incubus, Lee Ritenour), mixed by Phil Nicolo (The Roots, Train, Fugees) and Skip Drinkwater, engineered by Phil Nicolo, and mastered at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA.

So watch out for STANG. They have lots of ways they can get you. And they will.