Dallas, Texas, USA

Edgy, mature pop that can appeal to all ages. Expect to discover themes of honesty, regret, purpose, and hope as well as explosions of sounds that will only leave you wanting to roll down your windows and drive literally nowhere.


Despite their young age of seventeen, Stanhope, deriving from the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, has been through quite a lot as a band. Their pop punk anthems have kept their entire community of Highland Park on the edge of their seats since 2005 with their performances everywhere from their local church to the State Fair of Texas. In April of 2006, spring of their 8th grade year, Stanhope released their debut EP “A Social Setback” with producer Geoff Rockwell (Forever the Sickest Kids, School Boy Humor, Red Car Wire) and haven’t looked back since. That release gained them city wide recognition from newspapers, music clubs, and even scored them a primetime spot on a new age show on channel 8 titled “Youngstreet”. In the late summer of 2007, Stanhope headed into Maximedia Studios and recorded a new single titled “Oh, Thank Heaven For…” hoping that they would get positive feedback from old fans. The new single exceeded their expectations and sold an incredible amount on iTunes, leaving them with no choice but to put out a new record as soon as they could. Stanhope spent the next two years writing songs and playing shows promoting their past releases until they saved up enough money to head into the studio again. In spring of 2009, the band met with old producer Geoff Rockwell again to see what he could do for them for their next release, and within an hour, Stanhope knew Geoff was the right guy for them. They spent most of June and July of 2009 driving back and forth from Arlington, Texas recording their new EP and eating Tex-Mex with Geoff. That album is now finished and is hoped to be released in late October/early November. Their names are Blake, Will, Bragg, and Jackson, and they are Stanhope.


A Social Setback EP (2006)
Oh, Thank Heaven For... Single (2007)
Make Here EP (2009)

Set List

We generally play around 7 songs, and like to start and end strong, and incorporate softer acoustic songs into the middle.