stanley davis

stanley davis


I write/play/record my original jazz and r & b. I have over a dozen recordings released over the past 40 years. My music is based on observations of human behavior and is intended to tell instrumental as well as vocal "stories." I've played throught the World


My original music traces my life, growing up in Kansas through life and living throughout the world. I've played and recorded with countless bands, having performed in venues from stadiums to small clubs. I write the material, and often have friends contribute their talents to my projects. I have the proverbial "home studio," but use many large recording facilities in America and Europe. My last three CDs (over the past 10 years are: "nice....nice." "AmericanStanBand," "1963" I'm currently based in Las Vegas and do a lot of producing, in addition to my music and working as a live sound technician. I'm 62 & still Have the MUSE Bigtime!!!


Larry Rose Band "Jupiter Effect, Tsunami,Tsunami Petworld, Stanley Davis Nice....Nice, Clemens van de Veen Roll Your Glass, Mark van Ark Down to the Bone, Blue Lou and the Headhunters, all tracks, Constance" all tracks, AmericanStanBand, Park Peters Call it What Ya Like, "When Love has worked it's miracle, Lazy B Wranglers, Closer to Heaven, Life of a Cowboy CDs

Set List

I do 1 hr. 20 minute concerts, plus encore...I do my songs, and choose from over 100 that I;ve recorded over the years...about 70% have vocals, and I also do a few instrumentals.