Stanley Maxwell

Stanley Maxwell

 Bristol, Connecticut, USA

Best Jazz Band - Hartford Advocate Grand Band Slam Reader's Poll (2010,2009,2007)

Best Jazz Song - 7th Annual Independent Music Awards

JamOff Winner - Relix Magazine (November 2007)


Connecticut-based four-piece Stanley Maxwell plays original music that blends (among many other influences) jazz, funk and rock with tight arrangements and intricate group improvisation. They are a no-nonsense, conservatory-trained group of musicians who share a love for playing soulful music together and making people dance. The band has built a grassroots name for themselves throughout the Northeast since 2001, and joined the Home Grown Music Network in 2008. From colleges and festivals to nightclubs and local bars, the group is a “must see” experience. Aesthetically, they combine both the virtuosic and the simple into a visceral concoction.

Stanley Maxwell’s independently-produced debut album Don't Wake The Baby! was recorded in Bristol, CT by Dan Silvia of Hillgrove Recording (a company based in West Roxbury, MA) and mastered by Anthony Latt of the LattKave Recording Studio in Yonkers, NY. The album included Mousetrap, an eleven-bar blues influenced by Thelonious Monk. The band’s recording of the composition by pianist Evan Green attracted international attention including:

* Mousetrap winning "Best Jazz Song" in the 7th Annual Independent Music Awards (December 2007), an international program that helps indie artists and releases overcome mainstream obstacles and reach wider audiences by providing year-long promotion, marketing and distribution opportunities that place those selected in front of more than 15 million music fans and industry decision makers around the world.
* Winning the Relix Magazine November 2007 "JamOff" contest for unsigned artists, with Mousetrap featured on the November Relix CD sampler, included with over 100,000 issues of the internationally distributed magazine, dedicated to jam bands and improvisational music.

Notable Stanley Maxwell performances and events include:

* Featured performances at annual festivals and prestigious venues including
o First Night Hartford (2008, 2007,2005,2002)
o Hartford Advocate’s Grand Band Slam (Winner - “Best Jazz Band” in 2010, 2009 and 2007 Readers’ Polls; 2008 Nominations for "Best Jazz" and "Best Funk/Fusion", 2003 Nomination for "Best R&B")
o Old State House
+ Connecticut Brewfest (2005,2004)
+ Lunchtime Summer Concert Series (2003, 2002)
o New Haven Jazz Festival
o SoNo Arts Celebration
o Jonathan Edwards Winery Summer Nights Music Series
o The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts
+ The Connecticut Forum
+ Mixed Bag Concert Series
+ Ha! Ha! Hartford
o Adirondack Music Festival (New York)
o Clinton Art and Music Festival (New York)
o Northeast Kingdom Music Festival (Vermont)
o Dfest (Diversafest - Oklahoma)
* College tours including Brandeis University, Bryant College, Colby Sawyer College, Curry College, Fairfield University, Framingham State, Maine Maritime Academy, University of Massachusetts, Vassar College, Williams College, and Yale University;
* Weekly residencies at the open-air shopping destination the Shoppes at Farmington Valley in Canton (2010), the upscale Zen Bar in Farmington (2004), the trendy Backroom Lounge @ Bottega in New Haven (2004, 2003), and the New York City comedy show "Stand-Up Stew" in Chelsea (2002);
* Chosen out of thousands of acts to showcase at the Northeast Regional Conference of NACA (National Association of Campus Activities) in Marlboro, Massachusetts (2002).
* Selection as the band to play for thousands at the ESPN X-Trials at Lake Compounce Amusement Park (2001);
* Honored by the AJR Nocera Memorial Foundation (2010, 2009) as well as the National Spinal Chord Injury Association (2002, 2001) for support at their benefit concerts two years in a row;

As well as memorable shows with artists including The Charlie Hunter Trio, Fred Wesley & The New JBs, The New Deal, Ryan Montbleau, The Breakfast, Dub Is A Weapon, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Zappa Plays Zappa, Cyro Baptista & Beat The Donkey, The Disco Biscuits, The Roots, Sam Kininger, DJ Le Spam & The Spam Allstars, Hypnotic Clambake, Addison Groove Project, Mountain of Venus, Seth Yacovone, Raisinhill, moe and members of Max Creek.


Tie Machine

Written By: Eric DellaVecchia

Well I knew this girl, she drew up plans for a tie machine
She got the patent, she got the rights
To distribute her product all over the world

And no longer would small children have to wear Velcro shoes
And men who can't tie ties on the first try would never be late for work again
And Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts all over the world would finally know what a half-hitch was
And that evil villain from old-time films who ties that girl to the railroad track would increase his productivity by 400 percent

All because of that tie-oh tie-oh tie-oh tie-oh

Don't Wake The Baby!

Written By: Stanley Maxwell

Don’t wake the baby

We can turn it up tonight if we can keep it down tonight
There’s no need for words so just turn out the lights

Hot hands on the pots and pans cookin’ up DNA strands me and my mans and we
Analyzin’ what we need in our plans an
Applyin’ it as quietly as we can but
The serenity lasts for so long all the way until the point where I grasp what goes on and I had to flow spawn
Responsible for critical bloom delivery room monsoon she’s a handful
Just a sample’ll stop famine in a vanfull’ll be enough to jam a cop’s cannon
So stop standin’ in the middle of the crossfire triggered by a tripwire written by a raw writer
Insomniac Jack call me All Nighter
Step a tall ladder to the stars for the cause
The rebirth of Earth deserves peace first not disease dirt we can’t afford to cease work
If I was in you I would continue but what’s in you research and resurge

And then I sit back hit it with the illified funk flow
And then go ten feet deep into the tempo
I tend to become one with instrumentals
My mental gains momentum as I enter the endzone
Ten bones hell the next direction
The Sorcerer – bringing the source of perfection
The style’s infectious like mononucleosis
Yo check this diagnosis

As I wreck this rectify the spot blizzified hella high why not hella flow don’t stop
Reason is even if cat’s feet are swift can’t step to this might as well burn a hella spliff
To a mellow riff is it that cats need a lift?
Hydraulic melodies steady workin’ like yellow bees
Energies raised to the level of the clip
With a newborn fawn better make a fellow freeze


Independently-produced debut studio album "Don't Wake The Baby!" released on Mindwill Records (the band's independent record label) available from the Home Grown Music Network and iTunes.

Set List

Stanley Maxwell usually plays two or three sets per show, each at least one hour long. Primarily original songs, with several new compositions improvised each night, and the occasional covers, such as an unusual fantasia on Led Zeppelin's "The Ocean", Gary Numan's "Cars" with a nice Atari 2600-feel, Weather Report's show opening "Black Market", Sun Ra's "A Call For All Demons" segued into Phish's "You Enjoy Myself", a dance floor crowding arrangement of James Brown's "The Payback", or a special performance of Pink Floyd's "Animals" or "Wish You Were Here" album in its entirety.