Stan Pope

Stan Pope


my music is a rock funk fusion,rock lead guitar with funk or smooth rhythms,it's where I feel rock,and R&B could have evolved to if not for hip-hop.I strive to write very passionate music,with a message for the listener.I call this new style NU Groove.


I performed,wrote,produced,recorded,mixed,and mastered all the songs.I'm Stan Pope
all the music was played in real time on either Guitar,or Keyboards..the only thing not played in real time was the basic drum beat.I've had a number of influences,but my music isn't like theirs
I developed my own unique style,although I've had some people compare me to David Bowie.and I find that odd,but such is life


If It's Allright With You

Written By: STan Pope

If It's Allright With You

If it's allright with you,,ooh then it's allright with me
you me and a lady,ooh that loved is so good,so good to me..
they say love was meant for wasn't meant for three,
but it's allright with me,,and when it's allright with you girl,
you make it good to me,just make it good to me.
Invites to a party,new to this West Coast town,didn't know anybody,
folks all around,on the floor,getting down..
it was so hard to loosen up,till that girl told me I like your stuff..
and in a flash I understood,AAh Baby,that all love is good now Girl..
chorus rep.
and if it's allright with you..etc.
Earthbound,Cosmic Cutie,,She's got no bounds in Her world,free flowing in Her love,
Beauty,and Grace unspoiled,unspoiled..she showed me a private space..
She Opened my eyes so I could relate,,She took the Babe out of the woods,,
and showed me how,,All Love is good,now Girl..
Chorus Rep.Rock out
And If it's Allright With you,then it's all right with Me now Baby..
You Me,and a Lady,Ooh that love is so good,so good to me.
They say Love was made for two,it wasn't meant for three,but it's allright
with me..And when it's Allright with you Girl,just make it good to me hey..
Aww baby,you know your loving Baby,,I said it's good to me today..Ooh girl
yea,sweet Lover Ooh..If it's allright with you,then it's allright with you..
Chorus rep.,,Rock out..
words and music written,and performed entirely by:
Stan Pope recorded,mixed ,and mastered by Stan Pope

Blow Bridge

Written By: Stan Pope

Blow Bridge
(An Imaginary Toll Bridge of Drug Addiction)
Blow Bridge,Ooh Ooh.Ooh,Open for Biz,Open for Biz,,
Blow Bridge,Bloowbridge,,I was losing when I was cruising,Blow Bridge.
Blow Bridge runs over troubled water,,it takes you further than you wanna go.Thae end it lies in night,you must forsake what you know is right,,long,long before the end of the road.
Chorus rep:
Ooh,Ooh,Ooh,Open for Biz,
Blow Bridge,etc.
The girl ,she could have been mine,the house a life so fine..
but I was ,Blinded by the light,,sucked into the White..
I lied to the Right,and found my Night,at the end of the road..on Blow Bridge
Chorus Rep:
Ooh ,Ooh,Ooh, etc.
Blow Bridge gleams with Alabaster sheen,it's a glittering snow road ,to the Night..
But glitter's not gold,,You'll sell your soul to pay the toll,long ,long
before,the end of the road
On Blow Bridge,Ooh Ooh Ooh,,
Open for Biz, open for Biz..
Chorus rep. rock out

Bring'n the Sunshine

Written By: Stan Pope

I don't know why, Ooh but some how,
deep down inside,Ooh I felt there was a sweetness in life,that I'd never seen.
No one close to me ,Ooh with whom I could share everything,Ooh
nonone who could fulfill all my dreams,by loving me..
Chorus intro:
and then you came in my life,Ooh my baby,and you brought the Light,
you Bring in the sunshine,
Back of my mind,Ooh I'm on a quest,I'm searching to find.Ooh a love that I can call mine.
then you came to me,
And I never knew,Ooh my baby that someone fine as You,Ooh you move your body,do what you do,
So good to me..
and then you came in my life,Ooh
my baby and you brought the light.
you bring in the sunshine.
you bring in the sunshine,it came
in on your smile,You changed my life.Ooh and you bring in the sunshine,you're so sweet you're so kind,you treating me right..
And when you do it so right,you're so sweet and tight,you've got me loving you with all my might.Ooh and your love is so strong,ooh my Baby when you bring it on..
You bring in the sunshine.
Pure is your love,Ooh just like an Angel,sent from above.
Your love ,it rescued me,You make my love complete.And you gave me Your Heart,Ooh and now I know,that we'll never part..
I didn't see it all from the start,Ooh
what you gave to me,
Ooh when you came in my Life,Ooh baby and You brought the light,
Ooh and you bring in the Sunshine.
You Bring in the Sunshine,You're so sweet You're so kind,you're treating me right.
Ooh and You bring in the Sunshine,
You're so sweet You're so kind.You changed my life..
and when You do it so right,you're so sweet and tight,You got me Loving You with all my might..
Ooh and your love is so strong,Ooh my Baby when You bring it on,,You bring in the sunshine.
Chorus Repeat,Rock Out:


these tracks just finished less than 30 days

Set List

I currently don't do covers because,I have to sing to my tracks,as I played them all myself,,but can't do that live..I can play guitar or keyboards and sing,,but not able to duplicate the arrangement alone.since I only have tracks for my work.
I have 16 songs I can perform,which is easily 2 forty five minute sets..I have a few songs in this file for review,and more for download at