Stape Mega

Stape Mega

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
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"Stape Mega may not be that well known but he is one the underground producers to keep an eye on, because just about every beat he makes is dope." Dan Gizzi - Elemental Magazine Issue 38


Born in the year 1975, Stape Mega hails from the city of brotherly love. He grew up in the Olney section. Taking an early interest in music, Stape listened to records in the basement of his family's row home for hours on end. Playing the records on a classic Fisher Price toy record player. A few years later, Stape purchased an old 5 piece drum set from a kid in the neighborhood using money he earned from a paper route delivering the Philadelphia Inquirer. The drums ended up collecting dust in the garage. It was difficult to find time to whale away loudly on drums in a row home. Family members and neighbors alike did not take kindly to this new hobby. Stape moved to guitar playing next. He took guitar lessons at around age 12 after convincing his mother to buy him an electric guitar and amp. The guitar was put down pretty quickly in favor of sports, specifically baseball. But he did learn some valuable lessons regarding the basics of music during those initial lessons and it served to further his interest in music later in life. Interested in keyboards and little musical toy gizmos, Stape owned several small casios over the years. He eventually took an interest in rap and electronic music in the late 80's. Listening to anything from EPMD to New Order. Stape found electronic music technology fascinating. Intrigued by sampling and sequencing keyboards, and the use of computers to make music, he was determined to get his hands on some equipment. In 1994, Stape linked up with high school friend Digs Darklighter, an MC and graffiti artist. Digs introduced Stape to MC Adam 12, a member of Digs' then rap group called, The Dead Pigeons. They pooled their money together and purchased some equipment. Opting to make beats with an Ensoniq EPS sampling keyboard and a sequencing program they ran on a Mac Performa, the friends quickly began to make dirty underground tracks. Around 1996, Stape formed a group with MC Adam 12, called, Dept. of Rec. In 2000, they signed to Arrakis Records, a Philadelphia based underground hip hop label. The duo released 2 Vinly EP's and a compilation CD with Arrakis. Stape lent tracks, as well as recording and engineering skills, to some other projects for the label before it went defunct after a few years in the business. Stape most recently produced material for his old friend Digs Darklighter's debut full length CD on the illatropolis imprint entitled, "Boomboxcutter". Stape Mega's style is heavily influenced by East Coast style boom bap production. He sites DJ Premeire and RZA as his main influences but finds inspiration in a multitude of musical genres and styles. Stape Mega is currently working on, and looking to release, instrumental hip hop. His latest effort, "Metrica Mega" is a hard hitting instrumental opus composed in tribute to machines and robotics. Nasty, mood-setting beats that knock hard as hell inside your car door. His production ranges from deep and dark to mellow and entrancing. Lo-fi and dirty to clean and crisp. Stape's production is unique. He has the versaltility to suit different moods and atmospheres with solid arrangements and impressive programming skills. Some of the artists Stape has worked with include: Digs Darklighter, Adam 12, Doap Nixon, The Mighty Flipside, MF Doom, Alaska of Hangar 18, Killer Rellik, DJ Cru Cut, DJ Panek (illvibe), Breez Evahflowin, Mic Stylez, Outerspace, King Syze, K-Mass, Maylay Sparks, Briz


Boomboxcutter CD - illatropolis Records - 2007

Arrakis Records Presents: The Spice CD - 2002

Dept. of Rec. - Raising Illatropolis EP 12" - 2002

Dept. of Rec. - Will We Ever Be Famous EP 12" - 2001

Briz - Blownmind 12" 2001