The Jesus and Mary Chain meets Blondie playing power pop rock in Guided By Voices fashion.


Scott Cortez of Lovesliescrushing and Astrobrite joined forces with Shannon Roberts and Theodore Beck in Chicago. Scott's blissful waves of guitar are a perfect compliment to Shannon's unique voice and catchy lyrics. Each song is fun, short and to the point. STAR's music makes people feel better about living in a world that can suck the big time.


Bad Attention

Written By: Shannon Roberts

It’s bad attention
Attracting you
When you feel close to someone
For no reason
But that ulterior motive
How can you be snowed in the middle of summer?
Or let your evil side take over
But it happened again
It’s happening again
Help me it happened again

Just like shattered glass
There’s a sound that only love makes
Just like a car crash
I’m a total mess of complete heartache
Around you

Cruel 15

Written By: Shannon Roberts

You had perfected the cruel use of words
I told myself to be a good student
But I just couldn’t be like you

You told me history repeats
And you had every right to treat others
How you’d been treated
So you were gonna beat the whole world up
You were gonna give em’ your one-two punch
Just for fun – just to get your kicks on

Cruel fifteen
Whatever happened to you?
Cruel fifteen
Isn’t it something how sweet
I turned out to be given your torture?


STAR will release their first record, Violence Against STAR, in Jan 2007.

The STAR song, "White Fear" is included on the Aritao Records complilation cd, A Blossoming, that was released Nov 1st, 2005.

STAR has recently been featured on a bunch of radio shows. Here are a few of the stations where STAR can be heard :

KDVS 90.3 FM Sacramento, California

Cactus Killer Radio

The Buck Calhoun Show KHSU FM 90.5 in Arcata, CA

Fast Forward in Reverse with Timmy G

Radio Depaul

Vertigo Shoegaze Live 365

All the members of STAR have released music with other projects in recrent years.

Scott Cortez has released many albums with his projects Lovesliescrushing and Astrobrite on many different labels, including Clairecords and Projekt and has toured all over America as well as Japan.

Shannon Roberts has released three solo albums since 2001.

Theodore Beck has two 7in singles out with his former project, the Yellow Fine.

Set List

Cock Swan
Cruel 15
Bad Attention
Violence Against Star
Sad Action
White Fear
Noise Parade
Fleah-Eating Mothers
Born a Cat
Lovely of the Mouth
No More Party
Mind the Gap

Set is 30 minutes long..