Star Anna

Star Anna

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready champions this incredible young songwriter from rural Ellensburg, WA.
New album on Local 638 Records (Visqueen, Cobirds Unite), distributed globally by Pearl Jam.
Her voice slays people. Tough, authentic, 26 year old real-deal talent.


When a woman hushes hundreds of people with her voice, it’s a powerful thing. Star Anna–her given name–has been wowing audiences and accumulating fans (including canonized musicians like the folks in Pearl Jam and Guns & Roses) since she was discovered busking outside a café in Ellensburg, Washington at age 16.

It would be easy to introduce Star Anna as an artist through the lens of her story, which is an almost archetypal tale of the journey from small means in a rough town to the big stage. There is, however, so much more to Star than the story of her path from then to now. Namely, her music. Namely, her unforgettable, preternatural talent.

Star and her band, The Laughing Dogs, will release “Alone In This Together” on July 12th. The single and title track, “Alone In This Together” features Mike McCready of Pearl Jam on guitar. Star Anna & The Laughing Dogs signed to Local 638 Records, run by fellow lady rock musician Rachel Flotard of Visqueen. Receiving added support from Pearl Jam’s Monkeywrench Records who partner with Local 638 to distribute the new album.

The Seattle Times’ Nicole Brodeur put it well: “There’s a tenderness to Star Anna’s alt-country sound, but under that is a steel rod of strength and seen-it-all that sets her apart from the girls who play and pout. She’s not trying to impress anyone, and in the process, she stops you in your tracks.” Anna started playing drums at age 11. Her voice and songs are often shorthanded as a channel of Patsy Cline through Tom Petty. This album, “Alone In This Together”, finds Anna transcending 2008’s torch-twang debut “Crooked Path” and 2009’s more rock-heavy “The Only Thing That Matters”. It is deeper, it is richer, it is more heartbreaking and jaw-dropping.


Through The Winter

Written By: Star Anna

I guess that you forgot about the swing set at your mother’s house
And sleeping on the basement couch
Well, I’m the one who walked away, I guess I deserve to be treated this way
You act as if you never knew my name

Well that’s fine, you got me through winter, oh but I meant every word that I said
You can’t deny it wasn’t working, but you can just blame me instead

Baby I'm not who you thought, before we met, before we talked
And maybe its just best if we forgot
‘bout all the nights we stayed up late, learning songs that we could play
Well you seem to think it’s better that way


I never meant to hurt you like I did, I always hoped that we would still be friends
But now I know, just like you know, it’s the end

Now that there’s no mystery left, all I can do is wish you the best
But it hurts to think you couldn’t care less
So go ahead and tell your friends, it wasn’t worth it in the end
And from now on we can both pretend



Written By: Star Anna

This canyon is ours and we watch it like hawks on a pole
These hawks are omens of luck or so I’ve been told
The depth of your eyes holds the secrets that lie in your bones
I could trace every line on your face till they shine like gold

Someday we will find our own piece of mind, till then we’ll keep on looking for some kind of proof
Over rocks we have climbed, swam through the sea of cherry red wine
Sifting through garbage hoping to find the truth

Every mistake I have made it stays with me
And every word I speak can be misperceived
The hardest part of believing is trying to believe
When everything around you crumbles or leaves


My body just aches with a longing that takes control
And this daily search for relief is taking its toll
We keep looking in all the wrong places to ease our soul
What we’re really looking for I guess no one knows

All Her Ghosts

Written By: Star Anna

Oh it just kills you
to see her with another man,
but you love her so you say you understand
Well she called the other night,
they had had another fight.
She came running to the safety
of your arms

She said if you love her the most
then she’ll love you the most
And she’ll try to forget and let go of all of her ghosts
Yeah you believed her when she swore
she wouldn’t see that man no more
Til you saw them hand and hand
and you hit the floor

Well it's complicated,
yeah so hard to explain,
but you love you
and she loves you just the same
That’s why you're sleeping alone
and she won’t pick up the phone
and its been four days in a row that she’s not home


He don’t deserve her,
but she’s still lying by his side
and by the moral laws of life
you must abide
You can wait
with that arrow in your heart
til the walls come crashing down
and your whole world just falls apart


2011 - "Alone In This Together" - Local 638 Records/Monkey Wrench Records

2009 - "The Only Thing That Matters" - Self Release
2008 - "Crooked Path" - Self Release