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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Las Vegas Mercury"

Central Florida

Jaw-dropping musicianship has never sounded so tuneful or groove-happy. Lead vocalist DB is an emotive singer, equal parts Stevie Wonder and Mike Patton. “Sunday Night Apology” will keep your block party going until late Monday, even though the funkified rhythm section lays it down like there’s no tomorrow. Watch out for the wah-wah! - Jarret Keene

"Modern Drummer (9/02)"

Spotlight Article on rising and exceptional Drum and Percussion talent

"Joe's playing ( on these recordings) reveals a drumming style thats technically adept and musically appropriate at all times." - Joe Murphy


"Take What the Music Gives You" Pop Charts
#6 out of 80,000 (as of 4/27/03)

“Sunday Night Apology”

#1 ALL TIME SONG in Funk/Soul/R&B (as of 4/1/03)

Worldwide Track of the Day
March 19, 2003

- Tens of Thousands of listeners Worldwide


"Welcome to the Planet"
11 Song LP released May 20th, 2003
Shark Eating Dog Productions

Independently Released May 2002 (over 1000 sold)

"Sunday Night Apology"
EATM 02' Compilation Disc

"My Own Sun"
Southeast Music Alliance
Compilation Disc Vol. I

MP3's available for streaming/download at

StarBaby "The Watermelon Chronicles"
Full Length 2nd LP Due Out Jan. 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


Starbaby is what happens to pop-rock when it meets old school R&B pocket and some fresh, innovative direction. It grooves hard and makes you shake with an amazing rhythm section that simply never misses a beat. Add to this some vibrant, lyrical story lines with catchy melodies and inspired backing vocals, and the appeal is instantly memorable AND marketable.

One listen to the “Welcome to the Planet” CD and you are hooked by the distinct and original vocal sound that lead singer DB drops on your ears. You find yourself quickly mesmerized by his vocal range as the record glides you from song to song. From the funk grooves of “Run”, “Get It”, and “It’s On”, through the pop/rock stylings of “Volcanoes”, “So Far”, “Noise”, “Neverwhen” and “My Own Sun”, you know that Starbaby is headed for a big future. Just when you need to take a breath and slow down, take a listen to track 11 “Wonderful Distraction” then sit back and be prepared to be absorbed into the depth and harmony of Starbaby.

Starbaby is comprised of four friends who have been musicians literally since birth. They have been practicing their instruments since the age of 5 or 6 and continually immerse themselves into all aspects of music old and new with many years experience playing and captivating audiences at their live shows.

As if this weren't enough to set Starbaby apart from most of their peers, throw in unrelenting focus, drive, and complete brethren positivity, and it's no wonder they write so well as a team AND appeal to such a huge market demographic.

Bringing their music and direction to the world is the Starbaby focus and the band is currently showcasing in Los Angeles seeking the right partners for the team (larger management/booking/label and publishing partners). The band is currently gigging regionally and aggressively searching for touring opportunities to support their latest full-length release Welcome to the Planet (available at CDNow,, CDBABY, and many more retail outlets).

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Additional FULL LENGTH QUICKTIME MUSIC VIDEOS of several Starbaby songs are also available upon request.

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