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"Starboy" is an inter-dimensional freedom fighter, travelling through space and time laying out progressive psychedelic rock sounds.

His first mini-movie "Eternity" opens on a flat planet with rennaissance steampunk technology, where a small child watches an ominous ship approaching from space and rendering the population unconscious with an enormous energy weapon, beginning an epic 3 part sci-fi adventure movie that could only have sprung from "Middle Earth" New Zealand's Film Industry.


Trained in classical and jazz styles from early childhood, Matt has played in metal bands, orchestras, rock and fusion bands and taught guitar technique and music theory for many years, and the Starboy sound reflects this, drawing from a broad timbral pallette, having solid heavy rock riffing with layers of orchestral and electronic elements mixed true analogue style with high production value creating a psychedelic experience of progressive rock somewhere between Muse, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Nine Inch Nails & David Bowie.

Starboy band consists of session drummer Jasper de Roos along with former Autozamm band mate Dr Stephen Small on pianos and keys and Stephen Pether on bass with electronic producer Stu Fu engineering the sound, and Chris Chetland mastering. The "Homecoming" album has been nearly two years in production balanced with running Matt's industry and scheduled for release Spring 2013.


Induction - EP by Starboy, Album released on 01.10.2010, Genre: Rock