Starcastic Pheromone

Starcastic Pheromone


Starcastic Pheromone takes a creative and professional approach to their music. They keep their performances fresh by exploring multiple moods and genres. They have a very unique sound with elements of Alternative, Modern Rock, Progressive, Grunge, and Pop.


Starcastic Pheromone is an alternative rock band from Austin, TX. Their music is a blend of several rock, pop, and indie influences, mainly from the 80s and 90s. Through bold strokes, the songs are never shy and always sincere, spanning many moods and emotions. Most of the material can be compared to Crowded House, The Smashing Pumpkins, 10,000 Maniacs, The Police, and Remy Zero; however, some listeners notice a kinship to Radiohead. Their heavier side draws from bands such as Nirvana and Vast.

The remaining original members met in high school: Gabe Shulman (bass), Perry Saunders (vocals/guitar), and Thomas Coronado (drums). After rearranging the lineup, they met Blake Novy (guitar/keyboard/synth) in the summer of '08 and have brought a new energy and excitement to the music.

The band has frequently performed at the Red Eyed Fly in Austin, TX, and has had some of its best performances there. The band features a mature approach to music, however, the material can be enjoyed by adults as well as the younger teenage listeners. Those who are familiar with the music are typically more engaged, but it is still accessible to "walk-in" listeners. In a live setting, the complex nature and themes come across subtly to enhance the overall experience.

Before a scheduled show, you can find their listing in the Austin Chronicle, on their mySpace website, and on flyers posted at the club/venue, around town, and around local college campuses. A great deal of promotion is by word
of mouth. Friends and fans of the band help in distribution of flyers/ promotion and stay in the loop with the band’s fan site: To help boost anticipation for the fans, as well as the band, performances are limited to monthly shows.

Set List

Splendour 4:22
Lost in Paradise 5:33
Hush 4:36
Venus 3:30
I Am Nothing 4:25
Monkey Jacket: 4:56
Mirror-Eyed Shark 6:02
Anti-catalyst 3:43
Organs 7:19
Today (Smashing Pumpkins cover) 3:22
Piñata 2:02
*All times are tentative
Average Set Length: 60 minutes