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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019

Los Angeles, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2019
Solo Rock Dream Pop




"Starchild Come to the Sun Review"

Starchild’s Come To The Sun has something inherently heartbreaking about it as the music pours through. While the subject matter is incredibly optimistic, indicative of hope and subsequently designed to inspire that and a sense of possibility, the musicality leans in a slightly more melancholic direction.

This descending chord progression and the simultaneously descending melody line, along with the gentle and emotive nature of the leading voice, seems to really reach out for the heart and refuse to let go. On the other hand, there is something calming about the song – to be able to angle it either way is an impressive trait.

Come To The Sun is beautiful, really well written and gorgeously performed – flawlessly produced too, letting the whole thing work its magic best when played at volume. These contrasting emotions that flood through are all part of the general effect the song has on its listeners. As an introduction to Starchild, the song does a fine job of offering something new, professionally crafted, creative, and easy to connect with. That fusion of sadness and positivity is addictive, making fans of the track highly likely to return again and again to experience it. - Stereo Stickman

"Music Review: Starchild- Come to the SUn"

Music Review: StarChild – Come to the Sun
StarChild - Come to the Sun-2
StarChild feeds off on sanguine energy, turning the minutiae of daily life into bold inspirations. The Los Angeles based singer-songwriter understands that less is always more. He dramatizes the banal trappings of daily life with his fortifying melodies, making a case for ecstatic pop as a balm for it all.

His new single “Come to the Sun” is richly embroidered; warm piano sounds, plucked guitars, and sparkling arpeggios are threaded through the song like jewels adorning an imperial robe. But these lush soundscapes aren’t excessively opulent, the colossal scope of its arrangements is tempered by an intimate subject matter.

StarChild relishes on topics as giant as his melodies, the range of the instrumentation is countered by his observations of past life and looking forward towards a brighter future, making his music both poignant and tangible. - Xttrawave

"StarChild: “Come to the Sun” – an impeccable and emotional listening experience"

StarChild is a Los Angeles based, independent singer-songwriter who is transitioning from the world of acting, into the world of music. With a fresh perspective on the human mind, body, and soul, this witchy-pop singer brings poetry, the cosmos, occult literature, and peace and love back to the realms of modern music. He is on a mission to shift the culture out of its obsession with materialism into a world of divine Gnosticism. His latest track, “Come to the Sun” is described as a “modern feel-good song about letting go of your past and pain into the divine cosmic sunlight.” And as a headphone listening experience, it delivers the expected shivers. Water-falling pianos create an immersive floating sensation. There is an accessibility to the majestic etherealness – a focus on the lyrics and the songwriting – along with the delicately soaring range of Starchild’s vocals.

StarChild sings with a graceful power that has really not been seen often in recent years, building in intensity with consistent and elegantly-spun notes that swell into rarified air. If anyone can reach in and touch your soul StarChild can. - Jamsphere Magazine


Come to the Sun 
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StarChild is a Los Angeles-based, independent singer-songwriter with a fresh perspective on the human, mind, body, and soul. This witchy-Alt-pop singer brings poetry, the cosmos, occult literature, and peace and love, back to the realms of modern mainstream music. He is on a mission to shift the culture out of its obsession with materialism, into a world of divine Gnosticism. (to know thyself is to know the universe) 
Bewitching, dreamy, melodic, and eccentric are the keywords to unlocking what Starchild's vibe is about.  He has all the right elements aligned to become LA's new mystical Westcoast Alt-indie-pop singer. A firm believer in the magic of sunlight, pure love, and the ways of our ancient past. He sings and writes about magic, love, light, the world, rebellion, and the universe. He speaks for the lost generation of Z, drafting a path to infinity and beyond. The future is now, and Starchild is the Sunking of his own unique universe. Starchild is 2020's and beyond.