Starchild & Microstructure

Starchild & Microstructure


Live and Improvisized Electronic music - Dubstep/Electro/Glitch Electronic music that realizes the peoples need to dance and hear rhythms that reflects the build-up/intention/escapism of enduring modern life.


Starchild & Mircostructure is a musical collaboration between two music majors at Bard College who have been producing separately for 5 years. This collaboration, born out of their shared passion for bassline driven electronic soundscapes, allowed for the union of these two producers to come together and take full advantage of their producing experience and musician capabilities. Through live, experimental Dubstep and Electro music, NO two sets will be the same and are heavily influenced by the vibes provided by the crowd and communicated through complex improvisations that drives the set to be innovative and extremely danceable.

*S & M is a large part of a musical collective coming out of the Albany/Poughkeepsie / Upstate New York area called the Starchild Collective.