Stardust Memories

Stardust Memories


Space folk and dark country from Poland!


Stardust Memories are a band created by musicians cooperating with Maria Peszek, Letters from Silence and Magnificent Muttley.

They interpret different pieces of alternative, rock and electronic music. The word interpretation is cruicial here, because all versions of the songs have their vibe very different from the original recordings. This is the reason why Stardust Memories cannot be called imitative at all. Deep vintage reverbs, a powerful, emotional and intensive vocal, psychodelic sound effects mixed with classical sound of violins are responsible for specific climate of the interpretations. They also bring to mind soundtracks of Tarantino, Rdirguez or Lynch movies.

The music origins of the band stretch from blues, American folk, rock&roll and bluegrass to modern alternative sounds. The artists describe their eclectic sound as ‘dark country’ and ‘space folk’. Among their inspirations, they mention such musicians as Tom Waits, The Dead Weather, Bob Dylan, Florence + The Machine, The Kills, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Rolling Stones or The Raconteurs.

In 2012 Stardust Memories made a breakthrough. Apart from finding all members for good and releasing their first EP album (which was released under the auspicies of important Polish media, for instance MACHINA which is one of the most popular Polish alternative music website), the band was spotted during SKODA Auto Muzyka competition and was granted an award by the jury consisting of famous Polish music journalists working for Polish Radio Programme 3 (Piotr Metz, Piotr Stelmach).

At the moment, the band focuse on playing concerts and look for a publisher of their first longplay.

Magdalena Jobko - lead vocals, percussion
Maciej Bak - electric guitar, backing vocals
Marta Bogdal - violin
Artur Holuszko - acoustic & electric mandolin
Aleksander Orlowski - drums

Former members
Amalia Obrebowska -violin
Ewa Detko - cello


Released: October 1st 2012
Formats: CD, Digital Download