From album to live, Stareblind's intriguing display of unforgettable compositions is an irresistible thrill ride taking you from one side of the spectrum to the other. It might stop your clocks and you in the moment!


"I’m really digging this disc. I haven’t stopped listening to it since I got it. If the heavy stuff is your bag, I would recommend you buy it. There is a lot to explore from the rhythms to the dark lyrical content..." Fazer Magazine

"Something Left Unexplained is a strong debut from Montreal alternative metal band Stareblind. It’s crunchy, powerful and unrelenting… It’s a CD that will most likely leave you guessing what comes next.” - Rockstar Weekly

"Stareblind succeed in accomplishing what they set out to do, which is to offer their own unique take on post-Grunge Metal." 9/10" - Confront Magazine

“It's not only about the right sound here, these guys write good songs too. Just listen to the title track "Something Left Unexplained" or my favorite "Shapes", why not crank up the volume to the mighty "Hollow" or start any iPod mix with "Embrace". Great album!” –

"For those of you who like razor blades in your cereal, you should check out the new self-titled album from Montreal metalheads Stareblind. It will rock your socks off." - Snob's Music

CFLX 95.5FM – L’Extreme Onction (Sherbrooke) – “Stareblind’s Something Left Unexplained -9/10”

"Canada's STAREBLIND come full force with their debut release "SOMETHING LEFT UNEXPLAINED". This band is a definite must for any fan of Modern Metal" - BeoWolf Webzine

From once a humble side project to now one of the most innovative alternative metal band's to break out of the Montreal metal hotbed, Stareblind has focused their development of creative and progressive compositions to accompany their extremely vibrant and memorable performances . Emphasizing on these elements, Stareblind has progressively gain the respect from both peers and audiences in the Quebec metal scene and beyond.

Now with their debut release of SOMETHING LEFT UNEXPLAINED, StareBlind are preparing to display the sheer power and refinement of their latest material. The aggressive, yet lyrical vocal textures coupled with the solid-crushing rhythm section on the 11 track album, works to create a distinctive and identifiable sound that reflects the proficiency, cohesion and like-mindedness of StareBlind and its individual band members. Stareblind's activeness in Canada's underground music scene and headstrong performance will be hitting venues all across the country, and beyond..


''In studio, Stareblind was a dream band to work with. They work hard and are not afraid to try new things. We spent 1 year in studio together and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.'' - Louis Martin - Studio Chartone

- Stareblind - Debuts #9 on CFOU 89.1FM Trois Rivieres - Loud Charts 8/09/2009

- Indie Week 2009 (Toronto)


Stareblind - Something Left Unexplained (2009)

1. Shelter
2. Shapes
3. Something Left Unexplained
4. Fetters
5. Embrace
6. The Guilt
7. On With The Cowards
8. Hollow
9. The Way You Want me
10. Souls in The Sandbox
11. Outro

All Music & Lyrics composed by Stareblind
Produced by Jiak ( 5 Line Legacy, Tantrumn,
Everything After Zero)
Recorded & Mixed by Louis Martin (Forty
Birds, Everything after Zero, Tantrumn, Sign
of One, The Hands Resist Him, Ileana) at
Studio Chartone
Drums recorded by Ritchie Vincent at Red
Rhino Recordings
Mastered by Marc Girard at Bluaudio
Album Artwork, website & myspace visuals
by Mikio Murakami