starfish in the clouds

starfish in the clouds

 San Francisco, California, USA

Did you see the starfish in the clouds?

No? Well listen here…


Long lost twin siblings, Lisa & Shilo were reunited after 20 something years of separation around the summer of '10 here in SF/Oakland. The two started this ensemble with the intention of performing the freshest songs possible at each show. Shilo is from Ohio. Lisa is from Florida & middle California. Gus is from LA. Dave is from Birmingham. Anthony is from Pennsylvania. First full length album is finally finished & awaiting packaging/distribution (if that ever happens), whatever-Lisa plays drums & Gus plays bass. The second one is in mixing with present line up:

Anthony, David, Lisa, Shilo

Next album we will find a piana' & B3 player. Wait & see.. is coming soon..i swear!! Check us out on Facebonk. More coming soon, all ways.



Written By: shilo

The devastated are the most tender
& poverty breeds & poverty breeds
compassion below the cash laughter
Mine eyes blink in the council of mercy
In the rhythm & blues & greens of my truth where I’ve seen
It’s just

Lions & lambs back cityside
So I take a long drive out on the ancient countryside
Take it into my joyous alone
Far from the rusty hall’s moan
To ascend the Mt. & purify my view

As so the search for meaning becomes a dangerous game
& in the sunlight ya’ might need a sick day
Just to nurse your mad heart’s flame
O the temperamental undertow of the river change
To pray this way & sing it again, the celebration rain

O’r wires & reservations back cityside
Go & take a long drive way out on the countryside
Take it into your joyous alone
Far from the rusty hall’s moan
To ascend the Mt. & purify your view

Where’d you go? Write another letter to your future lifetime?
Tell ‘em you already went that way once & now you know you aren’t really so blind
& you’ll hear ‘em call
up above the vapor of ethanol
& you’ll hear ‘em call
So you know you aren’t really so small
Its just

Lions & vampires back cityside…

the answer

Written By: shilo


Loop: (CAPO on 5) C C / Dm Dm / Em G

Insolent & cort
She answers in a breath
& I can see her lips pre-forming the words

back behind a glassy stare
often distracted under duress
but I could spend my lifetime rebreathing her air

(instrumental verse)

…but I am not
an object & you cannot
place me
so after yesterday I’ll bless my memory
rebreathing her air


Baby Teeth (EP recorded in spring '11)

Starfish in the Clouds- In City (LP release december '11)

Starfish in the Clouds- yet untitled (LP due feb '12)