Starfish Yoga
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Starfish Yoga

Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"What's in a name?"

Name suggests:
Skinhead oi! punk
(playing off the word
"Aryan," of course)

Actual sound:
Maroon 5-y soul-pop,
fronted by an Asian

That must hurt:
The lead singer sat
on his guitar stand
during the last two
songs of the set--
on purpose.

-Aaron Thompson - Las Vegas Weekly


"The Electric Resonance Ensemble" - Scheduled released date: June 2nd 2009.

"Inner Outer Space" played on X107.5 "It Hurts When I Pee" program Sunday, May 24th 2009.



“How to paint a portrait of Starfish Yoga”
The canvas is basically alternative rock; but the distinct sound really begins when you brush a base of deep, pulsing groove, and speckle a few dots of brief chaos. Then apply a liberal and depthful foundation, meticulously splattered with jazz chords and inversions throughout. Smear the corners with passion and purpose, and blend different levels of intensity into the canvas, including the hard-hitting jams with the quieter emotional moments. And finally, coat the entire portrait with melody that gives your eye the “pop” it wants to see.

This is Starfish Yoga.

From what began in March 2008 as the aspiring solo project of Narayan Singh, Starfish Yoga has transmuted into an ambitious four-piece that is determined to serve as a powerful source of change, depth, and inspiration for receptive individuals across the entire globe.

With creativity carved from many musical facets, this band is bringing an emotional charge and depth to music that is found only in the most prized music of the ages.

“Our goal is to leave people vibrating after listening to our music…” says Singh, “…Vibrating because we have resonated so deeply within the core of individuals, that we inspire them to pursue their own passions and spread love and positivity to other individuals. We want listeners to feel emotions that they may have never felt before.”

One can describe a Starfish Yoga experience as passionate, depthful, inspirational, groovy, and emotional. There is a freedom and expression that occurs during a Starfish Yoga experience, which is rarely tapped into by most modern-day musicians. This could be due to the combination of talents and musical backgrounds that each member brings to Starfish Yoga.

Singh is the jazz influence, melodic, energetic and emotional depth, and “catchy” flavor of the band, where Bassist Dan Spataro brings in the soulful, solid groove factor, partly due to his east coast hip-hop influence. When combined, Singh and Spataro create powerful, dramatic, driving energy, propelling the band forward into a state of groovy, emotional bliss.

Carved from real life experience, spirituality, intent, passion, and the dreams in the minds of many, Starfish Yoga plays from the heart and radiates from the soul, and when they succeed, the whole world will be vibrating from the music that Starfish Yoga creates.