star fk radium

star fk radium

 Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Star FK Radium has simplified music in a world of synthesizers, electronics, and drum machines and has done what music is supposed to do: touch your soul in a meaningful way.
— Meliisa Hoogland / Metal Revolution


Star FK Radium is a trio of classical violin, acoustic rock guitar and drumline-influenced percussion; a modern interpretation of the chamber music tradition. Star FK Radium creates a chamber rock experience that journeys through expansive, sorrowful landscapes that are powerfully emotional.

The 2012 release Solitude Rotation provides a window into worlds undiscovered, yet so personal a wave of deja vu is stirred in you, a yearning for some sacred world you'd thought long since passed.

Their vision is undoubtedly singular and in harmony. The overall effect is reminiscent of early 4AD Records.
Jonathan Leonard / Leonard's Lair / United Kingdom

The trio loves playing with the styles and often surprises with some interesting ideas. A nice album with friendly, full sounding acoustic music.
Eelco Schilder / FolkWorld / Germany

There are things about Star FK Radium that are hard to believe. Like the fact that a lot of trip-hop fans would absolutely love their music, even though they are a 3-piece instrumental group - acoustic guitar, violin and drums. Or that they not just list such diverse music genres as grunge or 60's rock as their influences, but you can clearly hear the reflections of those influences in their works. If a picture is better than a thousand words, then Star FK Radium's music is better than a picture - within every song they create a live, vibrant, ever-changing world, that a thousand words would fail to describe.
Andre - Trippin the Rift / Chicago, IL

The music obliges by painting emotion through every step of the album.....The music isnt one type of genre, but a multitude of them, blended as they flow and move from place to place. At times, its as if youre witnessing a sonata being painted over an acoustic rock record.
Orlando / District of Sound / Washington DC


EP, November 2008 - "Blue Siberia"
EP, March 2009 - "Josie's Porch Swing"
February 2010 - "Blue Siberia"
September 202 - "Solitude Rotation"

Set List

Chasing the Sun, Life in Slow Motion, Morning Star, Travel, Blue Siberia, Snow Angel, Josie's Porch Swing, Speed Bike, The Clearing, The Minuet, Training Wheels, Karmara, Honey Jarz, Daisypop, Will it Fly, A Month's Lifetime, My Favorite Color