Hudson Falls, New York, USA

we are a band that plays alot of progressive riffs. a ton of energy and guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. we play mainly original music and it is rocking. are strongest asset is our live performance. we will jam the hell out of you.


the name "starfly" comes from what we see. in day to day life you see government and certain people all around you pretending to be something their not. drive a bmw. live in a trailor. kinda funny how things work. about our music. progressive alternative rock. we are mainly a original music band. offering over ten originals that will rock you out for sure. with a big rock arena sound. we are lucky to have a massive sounding drummer and mind bending guitar and bass. weve been told our sound is like a new age pinkfloyd. others say were like stone temple pilots 15 years ago. whatever it may be our band will ignite any bar or party. its just how it works when you get four cool dudes rockin. we also cover music from stp. radiohead. alice in chains. white stripes. nirvana. dave grhol. rolling stones. rancid. beatles. bob dylan. and so much more. we will play 3 sets each 40 mins long. we offer a acoustic set that is real cool. we usually do the acoustic in our second set. always leaving with a big third set. a rocking new age sound that will get ya moving. poeple say when we jam "i just wanna see what you guys are going to do next". we have a sweet fan base for a reason. so book us for your next bar or club or party and you will get a crowd pleaser. thanks STARFLY


weve recorded many songs. weve posted three originals. rain answer and tomorrow

Set List

three sets. one rockin cover. second acoustic. third original. each set runs 45-to a hour