Catchy cinematic indie pop influenced just as much by heartbreak as by video game blips. Starfucker is a one man band tackling conspiracy theories one at a time all from behind a drumkit.


One isn't the loneliest number when it comes to multi-instrumentalist Josh Hodges - it's the number that works best. Raised in Portland Oregon, Josh relocated to Brooklyn New York seven years ago. It wasn't long until Portland came calling him back in the form of a record deal for his solo musical project Sexton Blake. Coming back for his CD release show and also in the midst of a break-up he decided to stay and now another Sexton Blake album down, Starfucker has emerged.

The sad and pretty dance music of Starfucker was born from fooling around with a loop pedal and realizing it was "fun as hell," an element which sums up the Starfucker aesthetic. Swiping the name from a friend's Chicago-based zine, the cinematic sound of Starfucker comes alive from behind his drum-kit at house shows and concert venues alike. While Starfucker shows have been solo thus far, Josh is hoping to soon incorporate a spectrum of visuals, from projections to hula-hoopers as he continues to drum, sing, play the keyboard, and tune radios in time with the dance steps of his audiences.

Each show is different as he tries to play as least one new unperformed song a set. With that, his prolific song writing ability comes into play. Writing the music first, tackling the lyrics second, a song a day isn't out of the question and even with that, it's always quality over quantity with Josh Hodges - evident upon every listen.

An avid watcher of old Simpsons episodes and a subscriber to Harpers, everything from video games to the Flaming Lips influences Starfucker's signature sound. Both indie and commercial, you can just as easily picture his songs sound-tracking a starlet rolling around in the grass while rocking the latest dress in a fashion advert to a car making it's way down the street to friends just having fun and sharing an i-pod on an easy summer day away from any commitments.

As a child he used to envision giving concerts to alien audiences who had never heard music before therefore finding every note he played to be a masterpiece. That scenerio is now a reality, albeit with a crowd of critics, fellow musicians, and casual concert goers all interested and excited for what continues to build for Portland's next big export.


Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second

Written By: Josh Hodges

All my life, there you go,
oh please stay
just this once anyway
All my life there they go,
oh please stay
for the night anyway

German Love

Written By: Josh Hodges

German love, I would give it to you, give it to you, give it to you. (etc.)

Sheeee won't have a thing to do with me, a thing to do with me. (etc.)


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Failing Records Compilation Volume 2,3 and 4
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To: Elliott, from: Portland Compilation
Josh Hodges, "Explosive motion picture score Sexton Blake"

"Hungry Heart" can be streamed at:

Songs that have received air play include, "Bette Davis Eyes", "Hungry Heart", "Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second", and "German Love" on KNRK, KINK, KPSU, KZSU, and others.

Set List

7-10 songs with some radio noise between connecting them together for a mostly continuous sound scape. Set length is usually about 20-30min. I just released a covers album so I may play one or two from that album, most likely Bruce Springsteen's "Hungry Heart" and or "Bette Davis Eyes"

A recent setlist:
1. new song(untitled#1)
2. new song#2(untitled#2)
3. German love
4. Hard Smart Beta
5. Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second
6. Boringer
7. never been lucky
8. Hoola hoop-er