Tacoma, Washington, USA

Stargrass are an amazing mix of cosmic country/seventy's soul and rock n roll.


North West singer/songwriter Ted Wallis is a multi instrumentalist who started playing drums at age 10, and later taught himself to sing, play guitar, and write music. Ted’s last band Orange toured nationally and released two albums, “ASSEMBLY, 2002,” “PUSH, 2004,” and an EP, “Mr. Whatever, 2005,” under the Moonsongz Recordings label. With grassroots promotion and fan support, the album PUSH sold several thousand copies and received radio airplay from nearly 70 college/commercial stations nationwide.

Orange stopped touring in 2005 and after a handful of lineup changes, Ted decided to take a couple years off from touring and regroup.

2007 saw the forming of Ted Wallis and the Broken Days featuring an interesting mesh of some of Seattle's most talented musicians. In Late 2008 He released "Mind full of Crime" which was comprised of some unfinished works by Orange and new material he had written. His latest musical offering, Stargrass will release their first record in the Spring of 2010 entitled Coward.

Stargrass's music is largely influenced by Ted's heroes like Supertramp, Steely Dan, and Ziggy Stardust, “mind full of crime” combines elements of the blues-based funk Ted wrote in Orange with psychedelic and acoustic rock n roll. Ted’s lyrics touch on the human experience, covering elements of love and life lost, boredom, infatuation, dishonor, disillusionment, entitlement, injustice, optimism and fear.

Stargrass has an extremely energetic live set. Although only having been together since June of '09 the band has been playing non stop with some limited regional touring. They will embark on their first tour along the West coast in March of this year.


Sweet Tea Assembly 1999 Monument Recordings, inc.
Orange, "Push" 2003. Monument Recordings, inc.
Orange, "Mr. Whatever" EP 2005.
Ted Wallis and the Broken Days, "Mind full of Crime" to be released in May '08.

Coward will be released in the spring of 2010.

Set List

We have a variety of material to draw from. We can play up to 3 to 4 sets of original music.

We have been playing 45-60 minute sets recently.