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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Alternative Pop




"Video: 'Little Miss Sunshine' Abigail Breslin Now A Bleached Blonde Rocker"

It's been over six years since "Little Miss Sunshine," also known as Abigail Breslin, stole our hearts in the 2006 road dramedy about family, beauty pageantry and risqué "Super Freak" choreography. Breslin rocked movie-goers' worlds as the sweet, determined Olive Hoover, and now, at age 16, she's still rocking—literally.

Breslin lends her sugary voice to Stargroves' new hit single, "Within Me A Lunatic Sings," which was just released on Tuesday. She also sang along with the NYC-based indie rock band in "Westfjord," Stargroves' first single released earlier this year. And she's also in a band called CABB, according to her Twitter profile.

Sporting a bleached blonde mane and a red electric guitar, Breslin appears in a promo video with the band for the new tune and appears to be doing just what her "Little Miss Sunshine" dad said she was doing years ago: "kicking ass." - LAist

"Abigail Breslin Sings On Stargroves' 'Within Me A Lunatic Sings' Track, And It's REALLY Good!"

We knew Abigail Breslin could bust a pageant-wowing dance move, but turns out she can rock a mic, too. The intriguing actress (who was totally cute in her "Little Miss Sunshine" kiddie days but is now a stunning 16-year-old, as you can clearly see) does duet duties on Stargroves' "Within Me a Lunatic Sings," an ambitious indie track from the rising New York band. Breslin actually sings on a handful of songs with the group, joining on "Westfjords" and other tracks from the group's upcoming debut album. "Within Me a Lunatic Sings" plays like a Pinterest board of '00s indie rock greatest hits: Stars, Sigur Ros, and Freelance Whales are shot through the group's sound, revealing themselves as the track transitions from jittery boy-girl keyboard pop into a dramatic piano and string section.

Listen to Stargroves and Abigail Breslin's "Within Me a Lunatic Sings."

The new band's the project of 21-year-old Teddy Watson, who spent a few months in Sigur Ros' native Iceland earlier this year for inspiration before bringing the band together. He didn't stop there, tapping Freelance Whales producer Jeremy Sklarsky to work on Stargroves' debut album. Nothing crazy about doing your homework -- though giving away a track like "Within Me a Lunatic Sings" for free might be a l'il nuts, but we'll take it considering 'tis the season. Grab it before the band blows up and starts charging Taylor Swift iTunes money. - MTV Buzzworthy

"Stargroves – Within Me A Lunatic Sings: Indie-Pop Single with a Feel-Good Vibe and Various Landscapes"

"The vibe is just so happy and hopeful. You have to have songs like that every once in a while . . . Listen to it. With headphones or loud-ass speakers people!" - IV Music

"Stargroves Knows What the Snowman Learned About Love"

Cover songs can go one of two ways. Stargroves’ cover of Stars’ “What the Snowman Learned About Love” goes the good way. This new collection of New York City musicians, led by singer/songwriter Teddy Watson, took on Stars’ folk/electronica song, and while keeping its innate structure, transformed the arrangement to include a large collection of instruments. This engaging amalgamation of sound makes Stargoves’ version a true tour de force, and, in my opinion, on par with the original – which I am including below this paragraph.

The cover also helps introduce the band, whose first Youtube video is this piece. The band was in the recording studio during the summer with producer Jeremy Sklarsky (Freelance Whales), and they plan on releasing some singles in the next few months. If this cover is any indication, this a band you are going to be hearing a lot more about. The music is skilled, passionate, and exciting. Here is the line-up that you see in the video:

Core Band:

Teddy Watson: banjo, guitar, vocals
Enrico De Trizio: keyboard, synth, accordion
Bryan Percivall: bass, backing vocals
Charlie Rauh: electric guitar, backing vocals
Oskar Häggdahl: drums

Extended Roster:

Jesse Stacken: toy piano
Concetta Abbate: violin, viola, mandolin
George Lykogiannis: harmonium
Sarah Goldstone: melodica

And the video:

First off, I respect any song that begins with an accordion, which is awesome. The song picks up with banjo, upright bass, viola, keys, drums, and an odd consortium of other instruments. The created sound is original and attractive. Watson’s voice is smooth, lullaby-esque, and pleasant to listen to. The talent just effuses from the video. A skillful cover, and a great indication of things to come for a band I am now quite excited to follow! - The Music Court

"Teddy Watson’s Stargroves and their new single featuring actress Abigail Breslin [interview]"

Remember Olive, the cute seven-year-old girl in the movie “Little Miss Sunshine“? The actress who played Olive, Abigail Breslin, has gone from traveling cross-country in a beat-up VW van with her dysfunctional film family to, now grown up, teaming up with Teddy Watson and his newly formed indie band, Stargroves.

MethodShop recently got the opportunity to interview Teddy Watson and we asked about everything from how being in Iceland inspired his music to how his collbaloration with Abigail came about.

[MethodShop] You formed the band “Stargroves” earlier this year. Tell us how it’s going.

[Teddy Watson]: It’s been going great, I’ve known most of the guys for about a year now and everybody brings something unique to the group. We were in the studio all summer with Jeremy Sklarsky who produced one of my all-time favorite records, Freelance Whales’ “Weathervanes.” Now we’ve finished the bulk of the record, and we’ve been practicing for live performances. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so we tend to rehearse a lot.

Freelance Whales' Influence on StargrovesWe’ve noticed that you play both the guitar and the banjo? The banjo is unusual for someone of your age (speaking of age, how old are you?) and music genre – how did you come to pick up this instrument?

I’ve been playing banjo for about a year now and I started basically because of my fascination with the Freelance Whales (@FreelanceWhales). Their lead singer Judah Dadone plays banjo and their combination of folk instruments and synthesizers creates a great feeling, one which I’ve definitely tried to evoke with Stargroves. I’m 21, thanks for asking!

Do you have a favorite brand of instrument?

Yes, several! I play a Stelling SwallowTail banjo (which I’m convinced is the absolute best banjo brand) a Gibson J-45 and a Moog Little Phatty Stage Edition.

Introduce us to the rest of your band. Who’s who and what should we anticipate to see from each of them as the world discovers Stargroves?

I could talk about my band for hours! While I do write the songs and lyrics myself, everyone in the group tends to add their own part to the instrumentation.

I’ll start with our keyboardist, Enrico de Trizio. Originally from Bari, Italy, Enrico has been in conservatory for music since the age of ten, and has degrees in Electronic Production and Design from Berkeley. Enrico has been instrumental in the production of this record, as has often aided in song arrangement and sound design. Enrico also plays accordion during our acoustic sessions.

Our bass player, Bryan Percivall, also graduated from Berkeley, and I’ve been playing music with him on and off for over a year now. Bryan is an incredible bass player. He also sings backing vocals, and plays upright bass during our acoustic sessions.

Our electric guitar player, Charlie Rauh, is a professional badass. Earlier this summer we held auditions for an electric guitar player, and after hearing twenty-something Berkeley grads play the part we wrote for them all with equally impeccable chops, Charlie walks in carrying what appears to be a guitar-hero controller and an amp about the size of a bread box. After my twenty-minute rant about the awesomeness of his visible Sigur Rós tattoos, Charlie proceeded to play an eerie, minimalist part to our song which we loved instantly, and has since added an element to Stargroves which I very much appreciate.

Oskar Häggdahl is our newest addition to the group. Oskar first started playing with us on some cover songs, and he would show up to practice with all manner of pots, bands, bells, whistles… you name it. In order to match the acoustic feel we were going for, he rigged up a tambourine bass-drum and replaced his high hat cymbals with a collection of colorful shakers and do-dads. Oskar has continued to rehearse with us and we couldn’t be happier with him!

I discovered Stargroves on Twitter while tweeting with @iHeartReykjavik about a rogue Polar Bear near Akureyri during a recent trip to Iceland. Teddy – you spent several months in Iceland before forming the band. Why Iceland?

To be honest I had been wanting to visit Reykjavík for a long time. Icelandic music has been a huge inspiration to me, and it just seemed like the perfect time to make the trip!

Sigur Rós - TakkJon Accarrino, founder of, is a huge fan of Sigur Rós and recently traveled to Montreal to watch them perform at OSHEAGA. How has Sigur Rós influenced Stargroves?

Sigur Rós has had a HUGE influence on Stargroves. Actually, our next single (shooting for an October release) is titled “Within Me a Lunatic Sings” and is a response song to Sigur Rós’ “Inní mér syngur vitleysingur.” The raw power and authenticity of emotion so prevalent in their music is something we have really focused on applying to this album, and hopefully it shows!

The song Westfjords, your first collaboration with Abigail Breslin -

"FEATURED TRACK - Stargroves, feat. Abigail Breslin presents 'Westfjords"

Stargroves is an eclectic mix of NYC based musicians, founded by lead singer and songwriter Teddy Watson. Influenced by bands such as Freelance Whales, Stars, and Sigur Rós, the members of Stargroves play a variety of intriguing instruments, accounting for the originality of their sound.

Teddy spent three months in Iceland writing and developing the music that will make up their first album release. The first single being released is a special collaboration with Academy Award nominated acress Abigail Breslin. We had no idea what a beautiful voice Abigail has, and the combination of her vocals with Teddy's on this track is truly special. We know you will enjoy it.

Be sure to check out Stargroves at - Rock On Request Magazine

"Stargroves releases first single 'Westfjords', featuring Abigail Breslin"

Stargroves is a collection of great young talent founded by lead singer/songwriter Teddy Watson. We were pleased to be introduced to the music of Stargroves through the release of the first single, 'Westfjords,' which will be included in their upcoming album. This track features Academy Award nominated actress Abigail Breslin. The combination of her sweet vocals along with Teddy's on this single is beautiful, and definitely has us intrigued. Stargroves should definitely be on your radar. You can get a free download of 'Westfjords' by visiting their official website. - On Request Magazine

"EXCLUSIVE! Abigail Breslin Sings For New Band Stargroves!"

Home >> Music Minute , Film Flickers , PerezTV , Taylor Swift >> EXCLUSIVE! Abigail Breslin Sings For New Band Stargroves!
EXCLUSIVE! Abigail Breslin Sings For New Band Stargroves!
9/13/2012 2:40 PM ET | Filed under: Music Minute > Film Flickers > PerezTV > Taylor Swift

We knew she could dance like a Superfreak after watching her in Little Miss Sunshine, but we had no idea Abigail Breslin had vocals to match her exquisite moves!

The teenage actress has apparently been exploring a music career over the past few years, and even starred in indie film Janie Jones in which she sings and plays guitar.

But NOW the oscar-nominated 16-year-old is lending her voice to aspiring singer/songwriter Teddy Watson's new project, a band called Stargroves, and her sweet, light vocals are featured on Stargroves' catchy, twangy alt-pop tune Westfjords (above)!

Very modern Postal Service infused with a slice of Taylor Swift-esque guitar riffs… we are LOVING the complimenting tones of both Teddy and Abigail's voices. Impressive first effort, you hot young thangs!

While we hope Abigail continues charming us via the big screen, we wanna hear MORE of Stargroves ft. her delicate sound! - Perez Hilton

"Stargroves featuring Abigail Breslin"

Listen to this near perfect work of pop magic from the souls of Stargroves, a pop quintet from New York City comprised of Teddy Watson, Charlie Rauh, Bryan Percival, Brad Whitley, and Max Maples. For the first single from their CD, Watson recruited Oscar nominated actress, Abigail Breslin, to sing with them. The interplay of Watson’s tenor and Breslin’s soprano help to lift this song to beautiful heights. Before writing and recording to CD, Watson spent time in Iceland, home of Sigur Ros and Bjork, as he said, “just listening”. He came back to New York with some beautiful ideas and melodies, which are all very self-evident in Westfjord. This is not just pop music; this is pop music that craves for you to listen, to suck it up, to become the music. What a beautiful start. - Audio Fuzz

"In Review: Stargroves - Self-titled"

What happens when you combine the talents of 23-year-old New York City-based singer-songwriter Teddy Watson with Little Miss Sunshine and August: Osage County silver screen star Abigail Breslin? Nothing short a never before seen musical hybrid, a new species of indie-pop known simply as Stargroves. Written largely in the hauntingly beautiful city of Reykjavik, Iceland, the debut self-titled Stargroves album is the sound of imagination on steroids, peppered with songs about trolls and elves roaming around an envisioned highlands, no doubt derived from the stark Icelandic landscape. It's the sort of songwriting that is so out of this world that it's not difficult to imagine Watson descending upon Earth from another galaxy with a keyboard in tow singing songs written on the road during a lengthy tour of the universe.

Indeed, it's somewhat of a misnomer to speak of actress-turned-singer Breslin's role within the band as being a permanent one, as she only appears on two of the ten songs found on the band's debut LP. However, the songs in question, which include lead-off single "Westfjords" and the standout track "Within Me a Lunatic Sings," are without question amongst the strongest material found on the album. In many ways, Bresin's role within Stargroves is similar to that of renowned solo artist Feist within the Canadian indie-rock collective Broken Social Scene. She lends an airy quality to Watson's dream-pop that simply can't be achieved solely with a male lead vocal. In many ways, she's the yin to Watson's yang, balancing the songs to such a degree that it becomes impossible to imagine them without her contribution engrained within the DNA of the songs.

Other highlights found on Stargroves include the existential and painfully self-aware "Lost Like Sonic Youth Memorabilia," and the current buzz-worthy single "Hats in the Air". These songs best demonstrate the strength of Watson's song craft, and highlight his ability to carry a song without the co-lead vocals of Brelsin. The former is built around a hypnotic looping keyboard melody, while the latter tune is a slow-burning acoustic number about aging and revealing one's rapidly-greying roots while living a hard life on the road. Pretty heady stuff for a 23-year-old who doesn't look a day over eighteen. Indeed, there's a world-weary wisdom inherent in each of the ten songs that comprise Stargroves, but then again it's hard not to learn a few life lessons when you spend your days endlessly touring the universe spreading the gospel of Stargroves. - Aside/Beside


Stargroves - Self-Titled Debut Album (2014)



The road to success is especially tough for indie bands.  Stargroves, a New York City-based indie-pop band has defied those odds.  The group originated with lifelong musician and New York University Computer Science student Teddy Watson. As founder and lead singer, Teddy recruited the current band members, bringing their eclectic mix of talents together to create the band's unique sound. Teddy writes the band's songs, drawing inspiration from musicians like Sigur Rós and Stars. 

In 2012 Teddy took a three-month hiatus to Iceland.  In Reykjavík,  he focused on writing songs for the upcoming album. Upon returning to New York, Teddy teamed up with Freelance Whales’ producer Jeremy Sklarsky to record the music. 

Stargroves' music is best described as a unique type of indie pop – one that combines catchy melodies with wild and often orchestral compositions. Their uniquely eclectic sound has garnered recognition from MTV Buzzworthy and Perez Hilton, among other media outlets and industry bloggers. 

“Within Me a Lunatic Sings’ plays like a Pinterest board of 00’s indie rock greatest hits: Stars, Sigur Rós, and Freelance Whales are shot through the group’s sound, revealing themselves as track transitions from jittery boy-girl keyboard pop into a dramatic piano and string section.”

— David Greenwald (MTV Buzzworthy)

“Very modern Postal Service infused with a slice of Taylor Swift-esque guitar rifts...we are LOVING the complimenting tones of both Teddy and Abigail’s voices. Impressive first effort, you hot young thangs!”

— Perez Hilton

There Perez was referring to Abigail Breslin, an Academy Award-nominated actress and singer who sometimes joins the band, and is heard on the songs “Westfjords” and “Within Me a Lunatic Sings.” She is best known for her roles in Enders Game, Little Miss Sunshine, and Zombieland. 

The full roster of musicians includes: 

• Teddy Watson – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, and Banjo 

• Charlie Rauh – Lead Guitar and Supporting Vocals 

• Bryan Percival – Bass Guitar and Supporting Vocals 

• Brad Whiteley – Keyboard and Synthesizer 

• Max Maples – Drums 

The band recorded all songs in New York City at Threshold Studios. The album was produced by Jeremy Sklarsky, Teddy Watson, and Enrico de Trizio and engineered by Jeremy Sklarsky. The debut album was released on July 22, 2014.

Band Members