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Writing in general has always been my passion. Starting of with writing stories and poeam I then transcended to the lyrics realm. Writing lyrics however became a crucial part when I started highschool and my family life got messed up. Writing poems at first, then transforming them into lyrics, prepared the basis for what I do today in my spare time. My written work helps me to cope with the issues of the world around me and my personal problems. Especially during the time of self-identification, writing and getting all what upset me and all the doubts and questions I had, but never dared to voice, out of my system.

A huge influence and still big idols were and are: Linkin Park, Ich und Ich, Vienna Teng, Charlotte Martin, Composers such as Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt, Nickelback, Garou, the japanese Composer Yuki Kajiura, Country Singer Keith Urban, The Skillet, Waking Ashland, James Blunt, Mika.

With my lyrics I want to reach into all the corners of the world and humans minds and not only restrict myself to one category. I think that songs should be thought provoking and always have a message. Commercial Pop is not what I mean when saying "good lyrics". Lyrics need to have personal meaning, and all of my lyrics do. When I write them, I write them as if I would tell a story and try to be as evocative as I can be. Because I know that this experience, which I packed into words, isn´t only my experience, but can be felt by someone across the globe. And the thought of that person thinking "Oh, this is just how I felt once!" or "Hey, yes! I experienced something similiar!" is what counts for me. My lyrics and words want to connect, simply because I want to connect to those who read my words and maybe will listen to them one day. And by connecting, hopefully I can help and heal and make people smile a little bit.

How do I get my ideas?

- Well that is quite simple, however the process of putting together what I want to express in such a way that it is appealing and makes "click" in my head is a different story.

Most of my ideas simply come from a songs melody I like or the simple misunderstanding or misinterpreting of a songs line.

The best example for that is my first song "Never been the kindest to heaven". When I wrote this song I was convinced that what that singer in the radio was singing was "I´ve never been the kindest to heaven", but what he actually was saying was: "I´ve never been the kind to ever let my feelings show".
So from this simple misunderstanding a whole new song was born, and the whole concept just followed a few seconds later in my mind.

As for other songs which I have written so far but not yet put online, they derive from what I observe, experience or something that annoys me but I want to complain about it in an eloquent way.

"Apocalypse" however is a metaphorical song. I use metaphores quite often because they allow me to not only to display one situation but two. However the second one is often more subtle. I chose the phrasing "Apocalypse" on purpose because at first the situation seems obvious that the world is facing its doom, but then again the term "Apocalypse" can also be used for a shattered Romance or Love, which is a world in itself and therefore easily destroyable.

Therefore most of my songtitles have an ambiguous meaning which have often personal meaning. I try to tell a bitter truth in my songs, which is cloaked in pretty words, that make people look forward to being accused and confronted. Anything can be acceptable if you just know how to present it.
That doesn`t mean however that I only write dark or depressing works. No by far I am a very optimistic person, it is just that when remebering something that happened that the negative is often more easily remembered than the positive.

All my songs are important to me. And though I would have reason to keep all these to me, I would rather spread my stories and try to help people. Therefore working for someone that could put a melody to what I write and give life to my words, is something that I am looking forward to. However I wouln`t mind it if some producers would ask my opinion on what melody or arrangement to use on my works as I have sometimes already a set picture in my head of what the song should look like.

Therefore a collaboration that isn`t just reduced to me writing, submitting and shutting my mouth would be appreciated.