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Starling Franco

 Miami, Florida, USA
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Baby Girl

Written By: Starling Franco

Baby girl, I love you
Baby girl, my loves true
tell me if you love me,
i wont tell just trust me.
do you know what's loving?
he can show you nothing.

i can tell you dont love him
to me your heart was open.
why dont you focus,
he's not the one you know this.

one day you'll realize,
im the one and he's five.
im with you when he flies
im with you when you cry.

leave him and we'll be happy,
is'nt that what you want to be?
baby girl were meant to be.

Whatever you call it

Written By: Starling Franco

you talking all that shit, but i talk bussiness
show me digits, i kill for this money
and im equipped with flyness like a pigeon,
time flies and i see it tickin.
im a witness

to all the things you never see, i never sleep,
i got eyes only to look at me,
im high and my words stay deep

im so relentless, if you want ask the medic
she says im sick, im a epidimic,
im alone am i weapon.

of mass destrution or distruption
and no i will stop at nothing
i will kill if my lifes in bargain
i got you marked like a target.

my words like napkins, im rapping this shit up,
no need for acting, im a star no need for dancin.
yeah she clean but in bed is nasty.

hahaha my life is art
remember you a target so im a dart.
im so smart and a tart,
you could see that from the start
with these last words i am done.


Written By: Starling Franco

I am a human being, a liar, a theft and everything else but weak
You die everyday but I live every morning.
This is a warning, so listen to me closely.
I’m a king and you others are throne seats.
I speak the truth when my heart lets me,
I speak lies only when my heart is empty.
Tempt me, but I won’t fall for your begging.
Suck my dick and swallow my thoughts gently.
These words are hard to swallow or even to follow.
You can’t take my words; I won’t even let you borrow.
I’m all around you but I’m hard to find like waldo.
I’m in a different scheme, that none of you can follow.
I’m a killer yet never killed an architect but never built.
A rollercoaster that forever thrills,
I could keep going, but won’t stop until
I’ve been heard and win first,
Mind so big my heads about to burst.
Knowledge is what I thirst.
And these words are my curse
Fuck, bitch, slut, hoe
Those are only a few but have much worse.

A Weapon

Written By: Starling Franco

im a weapon, a epidemic
your story telling, and i got a question.
where can i find my lost attention,
i got yours but mine is missin'
time flies and i see it tickin'

im so high and my words are deep.
do you talk so much cause talk is cheap?
your blind if you dont notice me,
my brightness blinds all who see.

you get me? like H.I.V im tranmitted sexually,
your girls lying next to me,but you cant fuck with me
you faggits, im the bird that eats all you maggits.
im attracting all these women like new L.V glasses

any pussy around me im attackin,
but not yet girl , let me rap it.
we dont want a kid, not happening,
already got two life and rapping.