Nashville, Tennessee, USA

“It’s shocking that Starlume is not on radio stations everywhere right now. They combine the perfect blend of accessible pop with some darker overtones that keep them from, as many of us like to say, ‘selling out’.” Lee Levin-Knox Road Blog


You make a living performing and singing for thousands of people. Your face is on billboards. The spotlight is on you. For most, giving up that lifestyle would be hard.  For Landon Rose, there was no question when he decided to leave his job in Branson, MO performing as a lead actor in off-broadway shows. Joined by his long-time friend and drummer, Corey Eggleston, the duo arrived in Music City, USA during the fall of 2007. The following year, Starlume was complete with the addition of guitarist Nate Woodall, and bassist Isaac Wriston.
After landing a song from their Get Found EP on the CW's One Tree Hill ("So Please") and receiving airplay on over 250 college and independent radio stations with their Lost in War EP, they teamed with producer Jon King (Augustana, Throwing Gravity, Darling Parade) and mix veteran Craig Alvin (Hanson, Chevelle, Athlete) for their latest self-titled EP. Drawing from influences spanning 4 decades of music, they crafted a set of songs that place highlight their love of melody. With a sound so accessible and intriguing, it’s not wonder that they have had music licensed for use on several TV networks, including MTV, E!, and VH1. Filled with tastefully epic drums, throwback bass lines, smooth vocals, and contagious melodies, their latest self-titled EP is proof Starlume strives to make music that has an impact for years to come.


Save Our Lives

Written By: Starlume

Late at night I was dreaming
That I was still seeing ghosts
Desperation was stealing
The hearts and lives of most
Lost and lonely I saw your light
With the people still lost in the fight
I'm looking out for a reason to live through the night

Somebody reach out, somebody carry the flame
Somebody hold me tight, somebody whisper my name
Destiny at it's highest price, I see fear in our children's eyes
Somebody reach out, and save our lives

I was in trouble
Just running scared
I'm still seeing double
And feeling so unprepared
Lost and lonely I saw your light
With the people still lost in the fight
I'm looking out for a reason to live through the night

In a moment we felt the light, then the darkness slipped into the night
Then we all had a reason...


Get Found EP - 2007 ("So Please" featured on One Tree Hill)
Lost In War EP - 2009 (airplay on over 250 college and independent radio stations, licensed for use on MTV, VH1, E!, and Oxygen)
Starlume EP - 2010 (unreleased)

Set List

Starlume's set can range from 30 minutes up to 3 hours as needed. They are suited to play both electric and acoustic sets. The set list might include:

Angel of the Sea
World In Two States
Get Found
Sing To Me
So Please
Just Hang On
Devils Don't Sleep
Last Train Home
Life in Symmetry
One Heart Beats
Save Our Lives
the Rescue
You Can Call Me
Love is Forever
Carried Away

Beatles, Gnarls Barkley, U2, Johnny Cash, Maroon 5, Coldplay, Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, the Killers, Oasis, Tom Petty, Bill Withers, Wallflowers, Eagles, the Police, Bon Jovi, Queen...many more!